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YL Special Bits- Much About Lyme

Hello Everyone,
This is an exceptionally long Special Bits--I just could not consider shortening it. Lyme Disease is rampant everywhere. One expert who was on the forefront of lyme discoveries in the early 1990's, said that "everyone alive has the lyme bacteria". Studying the disease, and especially reading the posts in this Bits, I tend to agree. So many other so-called dis-eases have been found to begin with the most prevalent
lyme bacteria, borreliosis, one of the many other lyme bacteria's or other co-infections with lyme.
After reading all the posts, which I'm sending in Bits part 1 and 2, it is more obvious than ever how potent and important Young Living Essential Oils are. Just, get them on!

Warmest regards,
Susan sent to you by Cristina

Dear Jessica
For Lyme please use Fennel essential oil. I have found with my Lyme client, who also has co-infections, that Fennel really helps pull the toxins out of the tissues. Lyme and the co-infections can/do encapsulate and the Fennel opens the capsules and helps draw out the toxins. My client will put Fennel on her hands and cover where she can reach when I Raindrop her. I place it all over her back and on any cysts. I feel it has done wonders.
Debbie Hurley

Dear Jordan
Raindrop is a great way to go when fighting lyme and the co-infections that are usually present. When I am at the point to add additional oils, I add release and fennel and rub them in counterclockwise to open everything up and then apply the ortho ease clockwise to close it up. My clients find this to be very helpful.
Debbie Hurley

Dear Dee
Raindrop and include Fennel Oil. I found with my Raindrop clients who have Lyme and co-infections that Fennel helps pull the toxins from the tissues. Raindrop frequently, because Lyme will hide and take on the characteristics of the body part it is hiding in. I've read that the Lyme bacteria can take up to 12 hours to replicate and will change based on what body part it is in and that it moves around the body at will. For any
inflammation he is dealing with use Copaiba - this oil is amazing.
Debbie Hurley

Yes, I have. Got Lyme, and 24 hours of doxycyline later, was not back to normal. Babesiosis is the most common of the additional blood-born infections that can be transferred at the same bite. So, what did I do? I continued my course of Doxy, and added Parafree. It worked. Dosing? can't remember. Know it was at least 3/day, and either arrived at the dosing through archives here, or in the EODR +/or Higleys. I tend to consult both as the info is complementary.
Sandie Isbister

LYME DISEASE – protocols

Dear T and Friends
In Ecuador, the clinic said it is easy to treat! They use Thieves IVs, as well as the wonderful routine they put you on all around! Probably you have more than just the Lyme's borellia bug. We don't address the co-parasites here very well. I had Lyme plus the next most comment co-parasite once. Wasn't much better after 48hrs. on Doxycycline. So read up on it, and added Parafree, Inner Defense, and Life 5. More than on the bottles. And got better. But if I was not acutely infected, and was in the sub-acute or chronic phase I'd high-tail it to Ecuador! Loved it and want to return. But right now I'm just too busy enjoying the health they restored in me to go right now! You'd never regret it!

(Theresa this is FYI)

Hello Jessica and Group,
Dr David Jernigan of Somerleyton Biological Center in Kansas is the expert on Lymes and also uses YLEO oils. People from all over the world come to them for therapy. My mom had a positive Lymes test, went on their protocols and now is negative.
Hope this helps,
Dr. Heidi
Susan's note: Website for Dr. Jernigan, and protocols using YLEO's

Dear Group
We had excellent results doing Raindrop Technique with Thieves added for Lyme’s. We added Colloidal Silver by mouth to the treatment plan (I tablespoon a day). Some of my patients also took Oregano capsules by mouth. One patient had been sick for 4 years in bed with Lyme’s and within 3 months of treatment was up and doing great, the neurological and mental symptoms had disappeared. As for pregnancy I wouldn't hesitate using any of the above ideas in a pregnant woman.
Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff

Hi Wendy
Saw your post this morning. I have Lyme disease. I was just diagnosed this past summer 2005. My doctor thinks I've had it for a while and it went undiagnosed for years. I just recently spoke to my upline in YL and they have a huge connection to Gary Young. Gary said that the Lyme spirochete hates Cinnamon Oil and he said to use about 5 drops of Thieves Oil and 1 drop of Cinnamon Oil in a capsule and use it that way to get rid of Lyme disease. I am using other oils internally like Oregano, Thyme and Cinnamon, the oils that are listed in the EDR. I am also getting weekly Raindrops.
Aside from YL, I am doing Hydrogen Peroxide IV's which get to the Lyme, especially if the infection is in the brain. I am also doing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy - few weeks will be my 5th treatment and has helped immensely. I was just on the Master Cleanse and that helps as well because nothing can thrive in an alkaline environment and when I am on the cleanse I do oils internally for the Lyme. Hope that helps.
Blessings, Alicia Warwick

Several doctors told us our daughter had Lupus. She did not, it turned out she had Lyme Disease, which also the local doctors missed because after testing with a specialist of Lyme, it turned out she had 3 different variant strains out of the possible 2000 strains of Lyme. Most doctors test for only the most common forms. Suggest your client be tested by a Lyme specialist to rule out a Lyme possibility. Lupus is an auto immune disease and can be misdiagnosed easily.
Frank Seeley

I have a personal testimony with Lyme. Last fall I had gone on the QXLCI machine and my energy level was so low that he checked me for Lyme disease. Three strains showed up in the "red" level. I went to the clinic for a blood test. My husband and neighbor doctor both thought I should, but it didn't show up because it usually doesn't. Anyway, I started taking Longevity Capsules twice daily and then was checked a month later. One of the strains (natural) was well below the "red" level and the other two were at the lowest part of the red level. I did not change anything other than add Longevity capsules. The natural strain went away the quickest.
Hope that helps. Lisa

At a conference last summer (1997) in San Francisco, Dr. Gary Young performed a Raindrop Therapy on a woman afflicted with Lyme disease. She had been a dancer and a worker at an art gallery, but the doctors did not diagnose her correctly for 2 years, during which she wasted away. She came in a wheelchair to the conference with two nurses. She could not navigate stairs, but could walk, very shakily, with support on each
side for a short distance. After the RT, she walked with assistance down the stairs. Her nurses hovered at either side, but did not assist her as she walked to her wheelchair.

When she got to the wheelchair she hesitated, then shook her head and indicated she didn't want to sit there. They brought one of the regular convention chairs for her to sit in, which she did. This was in itself amazing, because she had not been able to sit upright without armrests on a chair for over a year. During the last hour of the conference, they repeatedly returned to her for "updates" on her condition. She reported new sensations, improvements she was noticing, etc. Even one of the nurses told others how she had already greatly improved.

After the conference, she walked from the front of the room to the back, out the door and out of the hotel, holding on to the handles of her wheelchair only. I witnessed this with my own eyes and it was amazing!
Susan's note: I was in San Francisco that day in 1998, and saw Gary Young do the Raindrop on this woman who could not walk on her own, and saw her walk on her own after the Raindrop.

Hi Marita
I’m sending information on Lyme Disease. In the
August, 1997 edition of The Absolute News you will find a testimonial from a Joe Farinacci, Ravena, NY who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in January, 1997. Oils used with success were Thieves on the bottom of feet and forehead, White Angelica on the forehead, Sacred Mountain on the back of the head, RC on the chest and inhale, Clarity on the back of the ears and Joy over the heart and the Cleansing Trio. This gentleman felt great after two months. He claims to be symptom-free. ImmuPower is an excellent blend to alternate with Thieves.
Susan's note: ImmuPower is the #1 important essential oil blend, imho! I have used it to settle down all sorts of bodily "dis-ease" including teeth/gum infections, possible lyme symptoms located in the nervous system, head/brain aches. After putting a couple of drops of ImmuPower on my tongue, my body, each time, felt at ease within minutes. A very, very potent essential oil blend!
Hello Joygroup
A friend from New Jersey, where the Lyme Disease is prevalent, says that those who use alternative treatments love the effects of Oregano. When she moved to Illinois I began giving her Raindrop and she started taking Oregano in capsules. She is VERY pleased with the results. I would suggest a similar regime for prevention. A weekly Raindrop for 4 weeks and 3 - 4 drops of Oregano in a capsule 2 - 3 times a day.

Hi there
I went hiking in Montana and was unknowingly bitten by a tick. I had the rash and fortunately the doctor knew what he was looking at and immediately put me on antibiotics. My Mom-in-love came to help take care of me as I was very, very tired from the drugs and the disease. She bought me all the oils from a testimony in 1997 for the early stages of Lyme Disease and I started using them, not really understanding the concept, but trusted her advice. I used Clarity on back of my ears, Joy on my heart, did the Cleansing Trio, Thieves on bottom of feet and forehead. Within 3 days of using the oils I was well enough to drive up to Glacier National Park and see the sights (included mild hiking) with my Mom-in-love! That's what sold me on the oils, as my energy level increased greatly by using them. I have no lasting effects from the disease.
Blessings, Colleen

Hi Bill
If I thought I had been bitten by a deer tick, and especially if I saw a red circular area somewhere on my body, I would be mixing the following in a bottle and taking a cap of it 3 times a day. 5 parts Oregano, 5 parts Thyme and 8 parts Clove. This is a recipe given to me at the Young Life Clinic. I'd also get Raindrop once or twice a week on the back, and give yourself one on your feet every single morning. I've heard that at the clinic, when things are serious, a patient may be given a Raindrop every day for a week or two. This is one of those times when becoming an "Aromatic Warrior" is a good idea. ImmuPower is also a good idea and you can add it to the Raindrops, or use it every day on the spine.
Love, Vicki Opfer

interesting way to test yourself for lymes.....

Good morning
I don't know if flare-ups ever stop when you have Fibromyalgia. I have very little pain any more. Aroma Siez in a massage base put on every night for over a year and Coral Calcium with malic acid in it has made the biggest change in the pain level for me. When I am under a lot of emotional tension I have more achiness come back. Doctors say that what works for one person hardly ever works for another in the same way when one has Fibromyalgia. Something else to consider is Lyme Disease. This has been misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia or is had along with Fibromyalgia. A specialist in Lyme said that one way to tell if you MIGHT have Lyme and is a pretty good way to tell is this. He said to take an ink pen that is in the "off" position and carefully write something on the back. Don't press so hard as to scratch the skin. Just the pressure of the blunt object will show the "written" letters up in RED if you have Lyme. Cynthia

By the way, according to the French medical doctors, viruses cannot mutate in the presence of an essential oil so although I know that Lyme is not a virus but a spyrokete, perhaps a consistent use of oils will prevent an antibiotic resistant strain from developing. Good luck and God bless you in your quest for vibrant health.
Vicki Opfer

A friend of mine had a tick borne illness. Her medical doctor had her on antibiotics for many months. When we met I introduced her to Raindrop. Before the first one she hadn't told me about this particular condition. However, when she showed up for her second Raindrop she was raving about how it was helping her. She uses Oregano between Raindrops.

This is my theory. IF, and I say IF, Lyme actually is or perhaps becomes a virus, I personally would go for Oregano, Thieves, Exodus II on the spine. I am working with a friend who is almost certain she has Lyme. She is not open to the oils at this point. I wish I had some success stories to share with her. When a person has Lyme I understand that medically speaking one of the main things to do is to get on a strong antibiotic, one that goes beyond the blood brain barrier. Does this ring a bell to you? Gary Young has said several oils do this. So putting two and two together, I would say use the oils that go beyond the blood brain barrier (frankincense and sandalwood being two of them) and also oils viruses and bacteria cannot live in the presence of would be a good choice. Just my feeling at this point from what I have learned and read.

Great healing journaling................
Dear Vicki
Back in October 1998, I was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. I was 39 years old. It started one morning when I woke up I had a dull ache in my left wrist and later that evening I developed the same ache in my right wrist. I didn't think much about it till the next morning when the ache was worse. I called my brother who is a paramedic. He said sometimes people can get a virus in their joints. I thought that's it - went to the cupboard and got out my Echinacea took it through out the day.

When I woke the next day I was unable to walk on my left foot, could not bend my toes, my left hand was crippled and I was unable to bend my thumb. I decided it was time to go to the doctor which is something I rarely did. My doctor tested me for a few different things Lupus, MS, Lyme's. A couple of days later they called and said it was Lyme's. I thought great I would take a few antibiotics and it would be over. Little did I know It was just the beginning of a up hill battle.

I was on heavy doses of antibiotics for two months and because of the antibiotics and the weakening of my immune system, I developed chronic PVC (heart) and Rheumatoid Arthritis. My thyroid was destroyed and my muscle wasted away. I also developed Epstein Barr. I was one of those fortunate few (always a size 4) who was able to eat anything and never gain weight, not anymore. I gained 50 pounds in about 45 days of starting the antibiotics.

Right after Christmas I became very lethargic. I would sit on the couch all day long. My kids would always be asking me to play with them and my brain was screaming at me "get up go do something - anything just get up" but I was unable to move. At night I would cry myself to sleep because of the pain and knowing I wasted another day that I could never get back. I was tired of the pain and for the 1st time of my life I became depressed. The lowest point of this was one day in February 1999 I bent down to pick up something off the floor and was unable to stand up. My muscle gave out. I had no strength in my legs. My children had to pick me up off the floor and get me to the couch.

That's when my mother told me that we need to find an answer and that Dr. Gary Young was speaking in Fort Myers the next week and said she would like to take me to go hear him speak. I was so impressed by what he had to say that day and by his sincerity. We waited afterward to speak to him. When I told him what I had he told me to put Oregano and Thyme on the bottoms of my feet and Sulfurzyme for my Arthritis and Thyromin for my thyroid. We came home and ordered the products. I also ordered the Essential 7 Kit so I could try other oils. The Joy became my favorite oil. It did wonders for my depression.

I would put Oregano and Thyme on my feet twice a day. I started taking 1 teaspoon of Sulfurzyme twice a day, but did not get the results for my arthritis quick enough so after a couple of weeks I upped the dose to 1 tablespoon twice a day. Within 2 weeks my pain was gone. After about 6 months I cut back to once a day, then to whenever I felt my pain coming back. Now the more I learn about Sulfurzyme and hear other testimonies on what it has done for them I have now gone back to taking 1 tablespoon once or twice every day. This is by far my favorite product in the supplements line and I learned to LOVE the taste of it.

I took 2 Thyromin in morning and 2 at night for about 6 months then cut back to just 2 at night. It took about a year but all of a sudden the weight just started falling off me and I went down to my normal size, my metabolism was increasing and I did not have the fatigue.

Aroma Life on the bottom of my left foot and my heart is getting stronger. In 2002 I went off the products because of financial reason and within 3 months the weight started to come back on (only gained 30 pounds this time) and the pain slowly came back into my joints.

I know these products WORK and I decided no matter what it took I needed to get back on them. All of these products are fantastic, but you must get them into your system and give them time to work. This was back in February 1999. If I may quote a cliché "If I knew then what I know now" I would have added other YL products to this.

There are so many new products that I would have gone on also like Longevity capsules and NingXia Red for your immune systems to speed up the healing. When you have a strong immune system disease cannot take over.

The Raindrop Technique is a great way to get these oils into the system. Lyme's Disease attacks people differently. Some it attacks the joints and heart like mine. Others it may attack the neurological and/or the eyes. No matter what the disease, there is always hope. The main thing is don't give up.

Young Living has products that can help in every area. You didn't get to this place overnight - you can't fix it overnight. The one story that GaryYoung told us that day that has always stayed with me was about when he wasmparalyzed and it took about 256 days before he was able to move his toes. The question he asked us was, "what if I would have quit on the 250th day? He would have missed his healing miracle and we would not have the products we have today. Don't miss out on your healing miracle and don't quit learning ways to better yourself and others.
Thank you, Leslie

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