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YL Essential Oils- The Powerful Citrus Oils

Dear All,
Putting together this Special Bits has been an education for me about the power of Young Living's citrus oils - grapefruit, orange, lemon and tangerine. They are some of the least expensive of all the oils, and, some of the most potent!

I'm including one of the stories from my research in this opening letter because it is such a strong statement of what an essential oil is capable of.

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Warmest regards,
Susan sent by Cristina

Orange essential oil and cancer regression and prevention........

"Our group has been pioneering many concepts in Young Living. The most important is the use of orange oil for helping the body release cancer. When people are willing to ingest 10ml of orange oil every day (in capsules), this replicates the amount of limonene in the studies that were done which showed regression of cancer.

Just recently while in Japan, a young woman of about 45 told me that she had been told last summer that her uterine cancer had spread throughout her body and she only had a month to live. The doctors said that due to her condition, they were not able to offer surgery or chemotherapy. After speaking with a Young Living leader there, she took 10ml of orange oil every day, in capsules. She also rubbed orange oil, frankincense, myrtle, sandalwood, and Tsuga all over her belly every day, and she drank 4-6 oz. of NingXia Red each day, as well. She is now cancer free! These kinds of stories are starting to surface, and even though they are anecdotal, they will help us help others in the future! This is what keeps me going every day!

A personal story from one of the leaders in my organization: "My Mother-in-law had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her only remaining kidney. Her other kidney had been taken out due to cancer 5 years earlier. The doctors could not treat her because of her deteriorating health so she began to take 10 ml of orange oil in capsules. She took 2 full capsules every 2 hours for eight hours a day. After 3 months the tumor was gone. She continues to take 1-4 capsules of orange oil and also drinks 2-4 oz. Ningxia Red every day. Her cancer has not returned." C.D. Westwood, NJ

I am not a trained medical doctor, and I am not making any recommendations to anyone about anything. I am simply passing along what I have seen and heard. People need to use the best of both worlds - allopathic and natural medicine. If someone calls me and says that they have a lump in their breast, my response is, "Hang up the phone and call your gyn and make an appointment. Then call me back and let's talk about what we can do while you're waiting to see your doctor." PLEASE - let's NOT be irresponsible!

I cannot advise anyone about anything either. All I can share is what we know:
1. Limonene has been shown through research to not only inhibit cancer, but also to regress it.
2. Orange oil is 95% limonene. (This is why it is in our Longevity supplement, which I take every single day.)
3. In order for us to replicate the amount of limonene used in the studies, we would have to ingest 10 ml of orange oil every day. For how long? I don't know. Until it was gone, I guess.

Other studies have shown that frankincense (which is 12% limonene), myrtle, sandalwood, and Tsuga all have excellent inhibition of cancer cells. If I were using those oils, rubbed on my breasts (for prevention, which is what I do from time to time) or over an area of concern, I would use them neat (without dilution) and liberally (6-8 drops of each...), and often, perhaps even several times a day if I thought I had a problem.

That's about all I can say. I think it's absolutely amazing that something as simple as orange oil, which is very inexpensive, might hold the key to the challenges with cancer...

Hope you all are healthy, happy, and taking Longevity morning and night, like I do.

Vicki Opfer
Susan's note: Not only is this a powerhouse essential oil, and cheap!, but it also smells heavenly.
15ml bottle: wholesale price, $9.50; customer price $12.50
Reminder - Only YL essential oils are recommended, for topical use as well as ingesting, as they are certified Therapeutic Grade which adheres to the stringent testing of French aromatherapy standards. BTW, Vicki Opfer is one of YL's top distributors, as well as a healer for over 30 years. Her expert advice is always balanced, and with true concern for others.

D-Limonene Studies
Excerpted from the Young Living Clinic Newsletter, 2005

Experts believe that although your genetics may increase your risk of cancer, it is the environmental factors (diet, pollution, etc.) coupled with your predisposition that will cause cancer.

Environmental factors within our control that contribute to cancer development include overexposure to estrogen, ionizing radiation (X-rays), ultraviolet radiation (Sun), carcinogenic chemicals (formaldehyde and diesel exhaust), tobacco smoke, alcohol and carcinogenic foods (charred meats and nitrates).

Experts believe genetics may increase your risk of cancer, but it is environmental factors coupled with that predisposition that will actually cause cancer. Lifestyle choices can influence a person's genetic predisposition for cancer. "It was unequivocally found that animals fed vegetables or fruit experienced either fewer tumors, smaller tumors, fewer metastases, less DNA damage, higher levels of enzymes involved in the detoxification of carcinogens, or other outcomes indicative of lower cancer risk"- Steinmitz et al, 1996

Studies and lengthy reviews support diets rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber can reduce cancer risk. In the 2000 updated version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the USDA recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables because they provide not only vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but other substances experts are labeling "phytochemicals".

A list of phytochemicals is found in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and it includes familiar headliners such as: indole-3-carbinol, allium compounds, isoflavones, saponins, phytosterols, limonene, lutein, lycopene and flavonoids.

One phytochemical of particular importance in cancer prevention is d-limonene, also known as limonene. It is found in citrus fruits, spices, herbs, and some conifer essential oils. The oils extracted from the orange and lemon rinds concentrates limonene.

This simple moncyclic monoterpene compound has been found in nearly 100 studies in animals and in humans to prevent cancer, stop the progression of cancer, and destroy and dismantle cancer. Limonene has been shown to be active against several types of tumors, including mammary, skin, lung, liver and forestomach in rodents, and colon and breast cancer in humans. Incorporating limonene in your diet is a healthy lifestyle choice that helps promote normal cell life cycles.

Limonene Content of Selected YL Essential Oils:
Essential Oil %Limonene
Grapefruit 95.12
Tangerine 94.62
Orange 91.40
Lemon 65.44

Idea of the Month......... Cool Keeper Misting Spray

Keep cool during the summer heat with these fun misting sprays featuring the cooling power of natural essential oils!To make this spray, add 1/2 tsp. Epsom salts and 5–10 drops of a cooling essential oil to a 4 oz. White Misting Spray Bottle. Then fill the spray bottle most of the way with distilled water. Oils that cool naturally include peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lavender, Roman chamomile, and citrus oils.To use this cooling spray, shake well and then mist over exposed skin. (Do not spray in the eyes!)

link to purchase white misting spray bottle:

Uses of citrus oils.........................

HI Melissa,
I use Lemon oil in my water first thing in the morning to de-acidify my system from over night, and then the rest of the day I include YL Grapefruit, Tangerine or Citrus Fresh in all my water. I love having the citrus oils in my water, and I know that they are good for me and my gall bladder too. I find Tangerine oil to be a "happy" oil too!
Enjoy your oils,
Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Di-limone, is a molecule in citrus oils and has been studied extensively for its powerful properties in opposing cancer tumors.

Jeff Kaplan R.N., L.M.T.

I was told that the estrogen dominance that showed up on my thermography,which I had around this time last year, was inflammation. About two months later, a very wise 86 year young Lady told me that she eliminated dairy products and used Grapefruit, Orange and Cypress in H20, as a response to "lymph build up your chest". I was amazed because I never said anything bout lymph build up but to me, that is inflammation. I took it to heed and drank a NingXia Red-size bottle of it over a couple days. I have read research that cancer is accumulated inflammation.
Bonita Shelby

1 shot glass NingXia Red
1 drop Peppermint
1 drop Lavender
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Lemon
1 drop Tangerine
1 drop Orange

Lemon essential oil informational stories...............

Dear Lorinda and Group:

Your daughter was certainly blessed that you had two of the most powerful oils out there...i.e.: Peppermint! and Lemon (in the Citrus Fresh)!

I have repeatedly used Peppermint and straight Lemon Oil to kill off viruses and bacteria in the throat and nausea, too.

I always drip Lemon Oil straight onto a sore throat...just tilt head back and drip a couple of drops. It will burn, but shortly afterwards, the sore throat will go! (Also great for singing!)

My sister even killed off pre-cancerous lessions in her mouth with 3 nights of Lemon Oil on a cotton ball stuck between her teeth and inside of her mouth.

Joyce S.

Hi Cindi...
My son has mild traumatic brain injury due to a cardiac arrest he had back in March 2000. Since March 2006, we have been using oils to help with the brain injury. Lemon has been my son's go to oil when he really is dealing with situations. It just helps him to focus better.
Teri Gorbea

Orange essential oil informational stories...............

Orange oil protects liver health and contains a molecule called limonene which has been observed to not only inhibit cancer, but also to regress it.

A delicious treat: I buy chocolate or carob wafers, put them in a jar with a couple of drops of peppermint or orange oil on a piece of napkin for a couple of days & there you go.They taste way better than the flavored chocolate you buy.
Good luck,

Hi Group,
I have two toddlers (3 ½ and 1 ½) and we used diluted Clove and Orange (one or the other - one of my boys just hated the Clove). Both of the oils worked great. Simply apply to gums or put on a teething ring before giving to the child. Then we'd use Peace and Calming on the belly button, feet and spine. The oils were my saving grace during a rough teething time!

Orange Oil did work great (thank you, Jessica). My son opens wide when he sees the bottle of Orange Oil coming. He just loves it!

An especially interesting one: attracting bees..........

Hi PineHillers
Speaking of bees, I noticed recently that there were hardly any honeybees around certain plants which always had a whole bunch of bees. Someone on either this group or another mentioned that she used Orange Oil in her house and a bee flew in. So I rubbed some Orange Oil on a couple of branches of the tree and now there are many bees around that tree as well as on the flowers of my basil plants. Maybe it's coincidence, or perhaps it's the frequency of the Orange Oil attracted them. It's been a couple of weeks since that one application and the bees are still happily stopping on the blossoms. If the bees stop coming again, I'll repeat the application of Orange Oil and see what happens.

More on orange oil + cancer, and link to study...............

What we know, so far, is that limonene is a molecule that has been shown, in research, to regress cancer. We also know that we would have to ingest 10 ml of orange oil every day to get the same amount of limonene that was used in the studies where regression of cancer was observed. That's about 12-14 capsules a day. People who have used this therapy have had good results, and you have to know that we're not doctors and these people are not our patients. We are pioneering the use of orange oil to replicate the limonene studies.We have a long way to go.

How long would one want to take it? We don't know that either. If it were me, I'd take the 12-14 capsules for 3 months. Then, just like any natural supplement or medication, I'd start ramping it down, and take 1/2 amounts for a week or two, then 1/4 amounts, etc. I would probably stay on 2 caps of orange oils for awhile - perhaps a year.

I take 2-4 Longevity capsules every day, and they contains orange oil. That's what I do for prevention. Then, off and on, when I'm inclined to do so, I may also take extra caps of orange oil, "just for good measure."

Longevity capsules also contain thyme oil, clove oil, and frankincense oil, which have all been observed to be anti-cancer oils. It's also the very best anti-aging supplement I'm aware of, and it may help reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and cancer. So it's something that we should probably all take every single day, perhaps forever...

If you have not downloaded the limonene studies information, you can do so at (copy and paste into browser)


A 1996 study at Charing Cross Hospital in London, UK, achieved close to a 15% remission rate in patients with advanced colon and breast cancer using doses from 1- to 15 grams of d-limonene from orange oil as their only treatment. In patients with only weeks or monts to live, limonene treatment extended patients' lives by up to 18 months in some cases. (Vigushin DM et al, Phanse and pharmacokinetic study of D-limonene in paptients with advanced cancer. Cancer Research ampaign Phase I/II Clinical TrialsCommittee Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 1998; 42(2); 111-7).

for children and babies...............

Orange essential oil - for constipation - apply to bottoms of feet and during a colon massage (mixed with V-6)

The rearview mirror fell off the windshield in my van early last week, so today, I finally got A Round Tuit" and decided to put it back on. I ran into a problem. The last time I put it back on, I got some glue between the mirror & the metal piece that holds it onto the windshield. I tried everything I could think of, except throwing the thing through a brick wall, to get the metal piece off the mirror.

Then I remembered reading something about Lemon Oil removing super glue from stuff. I don't have any Lemon, but I do have Orange. Since Lemons & Oranges are both citrus fruits, I thought I'd try the Orange. I put a few drops of Orange on the metal piece & waited a minute. Then I took my utility knife & tried to see if I could cut through the glue again. I was very pleasantly surprised when some of the glue came off the metal piece & onto the utility knife blade. All I needed to do then was just apply a little bit of outward pressure to the metal piece with a small screw driver & out it came. I cleaned it up with more Orange oil & then put it back on the windshield.

When I went back outside to put the mirror on, I saw that I had used too much glue & it was running down the windshield. I came back in the house, got my bottle of Orange & a paper towel. The glue came off the windshield with no problem at all.


Tangerine essential oil informational stories..............

Hi Mary,
Tangerine is wonderful in Ningxia Red. I take a large water bottle, fill it with 1-2 oz. of NR, 6 drops of tangerine, a good squirt of agave nectar, and ice and filtered water. Shake it all up and it is quite a treat. I drink this in the mornings and love how much energy it gives me.

Hope this helps.

For Meniere's my clients have had success with raindrop and tangerine behind the ears as well as inhaling regularly. Also trying thieves around the outside of the ear if a virus caused the problem..
Good Luck
Debbie Hurley


The few times I have been dizzy and not known why, I rubbed Tangerine essential oil behind my ears with great success.

Dear Maija ... I agree that Cypress & Tangerine are good for gettingrid of fluid retention.

We call Tangerine our happy oil.

I was introduced to a combination this summer that really helped me reduce the swelling in my feet and legs. It is 30 drops each of Cypress and Tangerine in a 15 ml bottle filled the rest of the way with V-6. massage oil. I use it morning and night and haven't a problem since..

Kate Brown CCA

Tangerine essential oil: inhibits formation of lung cancer.
Per Gary Young

Grapefruit essential oils information stories............

I drank and still drink 3-4 liters of water a day with grapefruit oil. I've lost weight doing just this.
Nancy Tracy

Grapefruit essential oil is helpful in combating fluid retention. Rub it on the bottom of the feet or on lower abdomen, or put a few drops in water and drink it (only if it is a therapeutic grade oil such as Young Living).
Marilee Tolen

Dear Group,
The spleen is a huge lymph gland. So when having spleen problems clean the lymph system with grapefruit and ledum. Grapefruit oil is wonderful at digesting fat molecules. It also cleans out lymph. I also is a diuretic. I love grapefruit oil. I put people on it who have gall stones.
Yours in health,
Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, D.C.

I had several brown "age spots" on my face and one of the larger spots started to become a raised surface and I didn't think anything of it until I recently scratched it and saw that under the brown pigment it was very bright pink and thought it could possibly turn into something more serious.

I started putting on frankincense because it is used for cancer treatment and I had read that grapefruit was good to put on skin cancer. I never went to a doctor about this. I just put on those two oils several times a day and rubbed them in. Now after a few weeks of slowly shrinking I am thrilled to report that spot is completely gone! I hope my experience may help.

Limonene Stand

It is time for a summer challenge: Get in your car and drive down the street. I bet you won’t make it out of your neighborhood without seeing a child’s lemonade stand. Aren’t they the reason we keep a few extra quarters in our car? For a meager 50 cents you can buy an escape from summer’s squelching heat. If only it were that easy to soothe and protect our internal systems. Each day we are bombarded with free radicals, pesticides, and other external stresses. Nature’s plan for defending us against these forces comes in the form of antioxidants­and there are few antioxidants more powerful than d-limonene.

D-limonene was named after lemon because of the high concentrations of this constituent found in the rind. A powerful antioxidant, d-limonene is known to boost immune function and protect cells, and has traditionally been used for weight loss and to treat bronchitis.

High concentrations of d-limonene are found in the following Young Living citrus-derived products:
Grapefruit essential oil­Fresh, citrus aroma known to energize and uplift when feeling stressed or unhappy. Creates the sense of fullness when used in conjunction with a healthy weight-management system.
Lemon essential oil­Strong, citrus aroma that refreshes and stimulates the mind, improves memory, promotes a sense of well-being, and works as an insect repellant. It is also useful as a cleaning aid.
Orange essential oil­Rich, fruity aroma that lifts the spirit while providing a calming influence. It also encourages positive emotions.
Tangerine essential oil­Sweet, tangy aroma known to help with occasional nervous irritability and promote a sense of security.

My favorite usage tips:
Add to food or rice as a dietary supplement.
Add to soy milk or a smoothie as flavoring.
Add to lemonade for variety and depth.

Let’s not let children hold the corner market on this summer treat. It is time for each of us to enjoy the benefits of having our own d-limonene stand. Isn’t our health worth more than 50 cents?

Please reply with your favorite YL citrus essential oil. Make sure to include your favorite way to use it.

Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager

Remember, citrus oils and blends containing citrus oils (Lemon, Orange, Angelica, Bergamot, etc…) cause our skin to become photosensitive. Do not apply them to skin exposed to direct and intense sunlight (in the dead of winter we are usually okay) – for at least 12-24 hours. A distinct
discoloration of the skin can occur –so remember – place your citrus oils “Where the Sun Don’t Shine”. from Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM


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