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Essential Bits # 320

Hi All,
This Essential Bits begins with a very special study using YL's Core Essentials Complete with type II Diabetics who were able to get off all their medications. The results of this study were reported at the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City in June. Very, very inspiring. Dr. Tom Reed is the doctor who conducted this study, and his book can be purchased at the web address below. I've included an excerpt from this book.
We are so fortunate to have these exceptional products to share with those with a diabetic health challenge. Core Essentials is also good for healthy people!
Also in this Bits are testimonials on various subjects.

Best to everyone.

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Core Essentials Complete - 90 Days to a Healthier You by Dr. Tom Reed Item Code: YLB010
Price: $5.95


If you have or show the propensity for Type II Diabetes or know someone who does, please take special note of the following information excerpted from Core Essentials Complete - A Super-Nutritive Health Infusion. 90 Days to a Better You by Dr. Tom Reed:

Dr. Tom Reed recently organized a 3 month clinical trial using a core of essential supplements for Type II diabetics, most of whom also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Nearly 80% of the diabetic participants were able to stop all of their medications within the three month trial period, thanks to a change in eating habits and the addition of Core Essentials nutritional supplements.

The Core Essentials Complete program provides a comprehensive response to the nutritional deficiency that has plagued the diets of westernized cultures. I experienced the amazing results firsthand, thanks to a case study with a group of diabetic patients.

The group consisted of nine Type II Diabetics, most of whom also had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and were significantly overweight. They were counseled about their diet, including much of the information given throughout this book.

The research project was sponsored by Young Living, and all of the products were given free of charge for a three month period. The premise of the study was to show that Type II Diabetes is curable in most circumstances when proper nutrition is supplied to the cells of the body.

Each patient was instructed to make periodic appointments with their primary care physicians to monitor their progress and help in the medication reduction process. Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight were checked on a monthly basis; each patient was also asked to individually monitor blood sugar three times daily, and blood pressure and weight daily. They were also given a specific health protocol to follow which included the following:

1. Avoid table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, donuts, and soft drinks. Use Stevia or Agave Nectar as a sweetener.
2. Gradually wean off coffee and replace it with herbal and green teas.
3. Avoid all foods containing trans fats such as margarine (use organic butter), Crisco, all fast foods, donuts, canned soups, and most crackers.
4. Eat a balanced meal by including complex carbohydrates, protein and fats (some fats are okay). Try to use only certified organic foods including boxed and canned foods.
5. Consume only fruits that are certified organic and, if they are consumed in the morning, make sure they are taken with other foods that contain balanced meal ingredients.
6. Be smart shoppers by reading all labels before the food is purchased.
7. Exercise! A 30-minute brisk walk three times a week at a minimum.
8. No alcohol.

The Young Living Core Essentials Complete daily protocol included four ounces of Ninxia Red juice, two scoops of Balance Complete, one Longevity capsule, three Omega Blue capsules, and vitamin supplements.

After three months, seven of the nine participants - or approximately 77 percent - no longer needed their diabetic medications, as evidenced by daily blood sugar testing. Two patients dropped out of the study for lack of compliance with the established protocol. One patient stopped her medication after just two weeks and her blood sugar remained normal for the remainder of the three month study.

3513 Chivalry

Children helping each other with YLEO's...........................
Hi Jenni and welcome!

I love it when family learns the magic of the oils. During my night shift (last weekend) when my children were home falling asleep with daddy, my 9 yr old daughter had back spasms after straining it at the pool that day. My 10 yr old daughter got the bottles of PanAway and Ortho Ease massage oil and rubbed her sister's back in the affected areas.
I forgot about her back until tonight when we were rubbing the 10 yr old's knees since diving aggravated some soreness. They said the oils "fixed her back".
Now I'm no doctor or health professional, but when you can teach responsible kids this young about the oils, and to take care of each other when mom isn't immediately available, it empowers them to believe, and we believe in this house that the oils work wonders.

Jen in NJ

Aroma reaction, and how my boyfriend went from No! to YES!......
Hello all
Gary Young says that if you have a reaction to an oil, your body is toxic, and you should do a cleanse. I know back before I did my first cleanse, I smelled things that no one else smelled and had the same symptoms that you have. They get better with each cleanse and I smell the good things again. (it seemed to only be the bad things that were so strong and caused me trouble) Kitty susan's note: I can verify this with personal experience. My boyfriend reacted strongly to the oils when I started using them in 1996. He refused to let me have them on when I was anywhere near him for the next almost 10 years. He reacted extremely whenever he caught even a whiff. For the past two years or so, he has been using YLEO's constantly, taking them on his telephone installation contract jobs, telling others about them and best of all---
has bottles of oils in small boxes all over his house! Starting a
little over 2 years ago he began really cutting toxic things out of his life and diet, and adding more fresh food. So with less toxins in the body, the oils became tolerable, and even desired. Don't ever give up on YLEO's with anyone----my boyfriend had the most extreme reaction to them than anyone I've seen in 12 years!
A great way to start getting the toxins out is YL's Cleansing Trio.
Do it slowly, over time (months). You will see great results.

New and love the oils................................
Hello Jen and Jenni,

I too am a new member and became a distributor of YL products in April. I am in school to be a massage therapist right now and we had an aromatherapy seminar as part of our training. These oils have begun to change my life and help others lives.

I can't believe the wide range of tiny miracles that these oils can do. I recently had a party and made blend of lemon, lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus radiata with water, and it kept the mosquitos away!

Gwen from NJ

Spa Treatments with YLEO's.......................
>Dear Karen,
>Would you share with us how you use the oils in the spa setting? I have
>had interest from some spas, but felt unsure that I could give them the
>best advice since I don't use them in that setting.
>Thank you in advance!
>Mary Lou

Usually when a person comes to me for a treatment, they have issues they want fixed. I begin by trying to find out what they want to accomplish, and then customize my treatment for each person. Since I became more involved with YL oils, I use them to enhance my facial treatments, either in the lotions or aromatically for relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, body treatments and aromatherapy wraps. It's kind of a wellness approach to beauty care that makes my clients feel double benefits of looking better, feeling better and gives them a new outlook about taking care of themselves. In time I know I will be incorporating them into the manicures/pedicures as well. I also serve my clients water with drops of lemon, grapefruit and peppermint, and actually that has inspired many people to find out more. Actually, I feel the possibilities are endless and am looking forward to creating additional one of a kind treatments!

Hope this does help you,

Animal Ointment would be very soothing. For open wounds, I'll often mix in some lavender or Melrose to the Animal Ointment and then apply to the wound (this prevents the burning that can occur with Lavender; Melrose doesn't ever seem to burn open wounds).
HTH, Rachel

LavaDerm is one of the great products of all time!!! imo, susan.
Hi Cathy,

If you have LavaDerm, that's what I would use. Otherwise, straight lavender would sting for a minute, but would cool off quickly, and that would help.

If you don't have LavaDerm, you can take a small spray bottle and add
6-8 drops of lavender to it, and mist the area, often.

LavaDerm is a lavender spray that contains lavender oil, aloe vera, and a special water. It was designed for burns and abrasions.

When my son, Chris, got dragged under a 4-wheel ATV, it not only shredded his jeans right off his body, but he rubbed about 2/3 of the skin off of his right leg. The doctor at the emergency room wanted to send him to a burn unit. Instead, I asked them to put his leg to sleep and clean out the gravel for us, and I would take him home.
For some reason, I had ordered several bottles of LavaDerm just before this happened, so for the next week or two, we sprayed him down every 15-20 minutes. His leg healed without a single scar, and the hair grew back. This experience was quite a miracle for us.

My granddaughter, Jamie took a face dive on an ATV at another time, and after cleaning the wound, she used nothing but LavaDerm on it, and she, too, healed without scarring, for which she is very, very grateful.

I always keep at least one or two extra bottles of LavaDerm on hand for emergencies, especially in the summer.

If you have Rose Care Ointment, you can put that on over the LavaDerm, if you want. Sometimes I use it, and sometimes I don't.
Also, Animal Scents Ointment is another possibility to put on the area.

Good Luck!
Vicki Opfer (YL Diamond, and natural healer of 30 years)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Diabetes Testimonial

This is incredible, if you have diabetes or know anyone who does, this is a "MUST READ". Please click on the words Diabetic Testimonial to view the .pdf in Adobe reader
Peace, Cristina Rose


Dear Oily Group,
I was reading an interesting article in our local newspaper and decided to pass it on, slightly condensed. Hmmm, the orange oil is an interesting idea.

Termite season is here and many unlucky homeowners will be forced to open their wallets to protect their houses from structural damage. Michael Allen is author of "Top Secrets of the Termite Industry; What Termite Companies Don't Want You to Know, That You Should Know."

The cost of tenting your home to get rid of termites ranges from $1,500 to well over $3,000 depending on the size of the home and the pest control company you choose. The chemical companies are multi-million dollar machines. They push their products to pest control companies which are supposed to push it to homeowners. Termite companies aren't helping homeowners do anything they can't do by themselves. Here are the top 4 termite secrets to use:-

1. Stop the Peromones and You've stopped the Termites. All termites line the tunnels they dig with pheromones, a scent that the bugs follow to get to and from your home. It is a way of communicating to the other termites to follow the scent and find food. All you need to do is break that line of pheromones with orange oil and the termites won't know how to get to your house anymore. It will be as if they've lost the map and put up an electric fence.

2. The North Side Of Your Home is Especially Vulnerable. The north side gets the least amount of sun so more moisture can accumulate in the wood, softening it up for the termites to eat. Keep the north side as dry as possible by avoiding sprinkling and keep vegetation trimmed. The termites rely on the trapped moisture in the wood for a complete life cycle, so they never need to leave for water.

3. Decorative Finishes Create Easy Access Points For Termites, especially where they touch the ground.

4. Bait Stations Lead Termites to Your Home. Unscrupulous pest control companies recommend putting bait stations in your home. The smell from the bait attracts termites and encourages them to build underground roads and highways close to your home. Any pest control company that wants to put a bait station in your house is not as interested in solving your termite problem as they are in forcing you to be a return customer.

Marilyn Hirsekorn
White Rock, B.C.

What do you believe?

"I like to believe that the within me that breathes in my body is the same power that provides all that I need, and just as easily and simply. The Universe is lavish and abundant, and it is our birthright to be supplied with everything we need, unless we choose to believe it to the contrary."
You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

I AM Radiant

I am a vibrant, happy, and healthy human being.

I love seeing faces light up with smiles. I also know when I smile at someone I will be rewarded with a smile in return and that makes me feel positively great! When I spread smiles I know I am spreading a little bit of sunshine wherever I go.

I am a vibrant, happy, and healthy human being. I AM Radiant and it shows!!!

Give your life more color and texture this week - make creative choices!!!

Mary Ann
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activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with
your core intentions, which are freedom and growth—and joy.
Make a "career" of living a happy life rather than trying to
find work that will produce enough income that you can do
things with your money that will then make you happy.
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Lavender Lemonade recipe

Lavender Lemonade recipe

Here's the Lavender Lemonade recipe they make at the restaurant at the Young Living Farm - It is delicious- Enjoy!

7 lemons, peeled and juiced

2 limes, peeled and juiced

1 drop lavender oil

14 cups water

1-1/2 cup Blue Agave

Mix all ingredients together and chill.

Add more water or Blue Agave, depending on the size and tartness of the fruit.

Be careful that you don't add more than a drop of lavender oil so that it does not overpower your lemonade.

YL Special Bits - YLEO's help the body out of a coma

Hello All,
The use of some of Young Living's oils have been miraculous in helping people out of coma's. What a wonder to know that you can apply an oil on the feet of one who is in a coma and the result may be a miracle!
There are many of these stories below.
I end this Bits with information about the Raindrop Technique, and how many "Raindrops" you can do per Kit. The Raindrop Technique is powerful for all issues, and would greatly enhance healing after a person comes out of a coma.

Warmest regards,

I personally suggest that the girl's family, if open to it, apply all sorts of oils. Below are a number of testimonials but here first is mine.
Several years ago, a downline member and I were asked to visit a woman (Dpra) in the hospital. She was in a coma after a car accident. We joined her sister and brought a number of oils from Frankincense, to PanAway, Lavender, Trauma Life, Joy, Forgiveness and others. We applied them to her head, temples, ears, feet, prayed and also sang to her and told her that the sister wanted her to "come back" but that if she was ready to make the transition to let go.

The woman was transferred to a So. CA hospital the next day and we never knew how all went. About 8 months later, I got a call from the sister and she said to me: "I want you to meet someone". Then on line came Dora. She had woken from the coma a week after we had oiled her. Other than a slight speech delay, Dora sounded great. I met her a few days later and she was as eager as I was to hug each other.

Vallea. here are a number of testimonials I have on Edith Chupp's CD.
Thank's Edith for making that available.
I post these because time might be of the essence and hope it's okay with Edith.

EODR (Essential Oils Desk Reference) for coma says - Single Oils: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cypress, Pepper and Peppermint. Blends: Trauma Life, Hope, and Surrender. Supplements: Mineral Essence, AuraLight and Ultra Young.

Dear Siv
Regarding your friend who was in the severe auto accident, in a coma and not
breathing, etc. I would use the Sandalwood. Rebecca recommended on his Third Eye (middle of the forehead), Valor on the feet, Peace and Calming about 1" above the umbilicus for fear issues and Clarity for emotional trauma on the Crown Chakra (top of the head) to start. I would recommend a Raindrop Therapy as soon as possible. Those are just my thoughts.
Blessings and courage to you and your friend, Mary Weber

Hi Everyone
My mother was rushed to the hospital one morning with Meningitis. She was comatose and non-responsive with high fever. After she was diagnosed, I started oiling her feet up with Longevity because of the Thyme and Oregano. I also used Frankincense on her brain stem. They said most likely the type she had was caused by the Strep Pneumonia bacteria (later this was confirmed). It was also explained to me that she would probably have to be in the hospital for at least two weeks and she could have complications. I kept oiling her up, probably too much but I felt the need. She remained in her coma the rest of the night. Her fever was very high. In the evening I went home to change my clothes while my sister stayed with her. When I returned, she was having a very violent seizure. I understand this happens sometimes with Meningitis. It had started about 20 minutes before I arrived. There were no nurses or anyone helping my sister or even in the room and this was in ICU! I held my mothers mouth and lip so she wouldn't bite it. I asked God for help. Lavender came to my mind. I reached into my pocket and without even opening it (you could smell it without opening it) I placed it under her nose while she was seizing. I swear to you within 10 seconds, her whole body relaxed and she started snoring. The seizure just stopped! My sister and Moms boyfriend were both there and all of our mouths fell open. It was like a switch was turned. THEN the nurse came in to help and I told her what happened. She seemed unimpressed and said "whatever works". At least they let me use the oils in ICU. They thought they "smelled nice." I couldn't explain to them the therapeutic value. It was like talking to wall. Oh well, we know. Mom came out of her coma that night and was home the next week. Both of her doctors were quite amazed and very vocal on how fast she recovered from the meningitis without any complications. They said if she had gone any longer without treatment, we would have lost her. I guess it was pretty bad. They had her on antibiotics, but I attribute her speedy recovery to prayer and the use of Longevity, Frankincense and Lavender!
Peace and Good Health, Laura Dunn

Dear Dimitra
I have a strong intuition – Awaken on temple, brainstem, third eyee, crown, big toe and heart. Any or all of these locations you can reach. Meanwhile, pray, talk to him about what he wants and what he is waiting for. Does he fear? Use your intuition to speak to God and this boy's soul about the life he would choose and what is holding him in limbo. I don't know about your beliefs, but working with his spirit and angels and the Holy Spirit in whatever form you believe will bring clarity and healing to the situation. After Awaken, follow up with however you are guided with emotional oil blends and brain oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Brain Power, Vitex. You could also use the healing oils of the Bible.
Carla Sanders

Dear oilers
In response to the inquiry about coma, it would be of great help to find a
cranio-sacral therapist. I was called to the hospital where a patient of mine had been taken after suffering electrocution and survived, but was comatose.
His wife is a homeopath and used all her resources to no avail in bringing him out of it. I applied some very gentle cranial techniques and he began to respond by raising his arms, each time I mentioned them. He had burned off both hands and his buttocks were blown off by the force of the charge. The next day he was completely lucid, although in terrible pain. I would suggest you find someone trained through the Upledger Institute.

I have no testimonies to offer, but when I first got into YL nine years ago, I remember hearing that Awaken on the temples was used to bring someone out of a coma. I don't know if that is true or not, but worth a try! Also, maybe try Trauma Life. Just checked the EODR and Trauma Life is recommended, along with Hope, Valor and Surrender for the blends. For the single oils use Frankincense, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cypress, Black Pepper, Peppermint and Idaho Balsam Fir. It says to diffuse or use topically, dilute 50-50 and put 3-5 drops on temples, neck and shoulders.
Love and Joy, Julia

Hi Carol
The first thing that came to mind is the oil blend called Awaken. I would try this on her third eye, together with Trauma Life on her ear lobes.
Love and Light, Miyu

I used Gathering when my Mother was in a coma. She opened her eyes and we felt that she truly heard us. By then instead of the room crying over her we were all laughing, it changed the spirit of the room. She was in the coma for three days. So not only did it gather the thoughts of everyone there, but also for my Mother so she would feel complete also and not sad that so many were crying over her illness that no one could change. Very high frequencies here. Try it you will be happy you did. Gathering oil Blend will help everyone gathering to open and receive.

…Helichrysum was ever so instrumental in bringing my mother out of the deepest of comas to total consciousness in only 20 minutes!
Love, Eva Achilles

I've heard of using Helichrysum on the feet of one in coma and they came out of it 20 minutes, but had only been in coma for 3 days. Honestly, it makes perfect sense, considering the effect of Helichrysum on arteries and blood flow to the brain and everywhere else, but I have particularly acute knowledge of Helichrysum mass movement of blood to the brain. Since Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Vetiver are all brain oxygenation wonders (according to EODR) why not add them to the Helichrysum on the bottom of feet?
Robert Von

When my son was in a coma I used a homeopathic remedy to bring him out. It is called Natrum Sulph 200c which is specifically for head trauma. You put it under the tongue so it goes directly into the blood stream. He came out of the coma in 30 minutes. I don't know where you live, but you can get it here -
I work at the pharmacy and it is a great resource. You can order by phone and if you have more questions, you can always email or fax your questions.
Good luck, Vicki McG

Dear Liz (girl in coma)
If it's possible, please encourage those visiting Alison to wear essential oils on themselves. I would choose the following oils using whichever oils those close to her have available - Trauma Life, Peace and Calming, Brain Power, Frankincense, Valor, Lavender and Rose (or Joy). I would have people use only a drop or two of an oil. The idea is not to overwhelm, but to offer very gentle support at this critical time. At the very least, smelling these oils in the room will help those attending her. I believe that Alison will also smell them and they will ease her mind and offer her very, very gentle support mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If she were my daughter, I would also rub Valor on her feet if the doctors agreed that it would be OK. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this precious young
Love, Vicki Opfer

…he reported that by using Thieves and Lemon on the feet of a youngg girl, she was roused out of a coma that she had been in for 3 months and was talking and eating again. The family had no way to obtain medical help, and they had been feeding her milk to keep her alive.
God bless, Kathryn

Gary stated that Power Meal alone has taken people out of diabetic comas.
R. James

(Coma) Each hospital has its own rules as to what a family or anyone else can do. They may not allow the use of an oil that may offend someone else. For example, most people with lung problems such as asthma or emphysema cannot tolerate any odors at all. If at all possible I would take a chair in from another room and sit close to the bed while staying there. They can only ask you to leave if need be. Also, if a person can touch the hands or feet, a lot can be done with the points there too. I have walked into these situations with the oils in my pocket and with the 'intent' of my focus, bring the properties of these oils into my hands and apply them to the person without opening the bottle. At this point, anything is worth a try. Also just ask the nurses what is allowed.
Lots of prayers to all of you, Pat

Hi Karen (coma)
My old teacher, Hanna Kroeger, told us of two points on the body, they are just off the shoulder bone (where the shoulder bone ends and 2 inches straight down on the upper arm) you will feel yourself just kind of settling in to those points (one on each arm). She told us that this could be useful in trauma/coma cases. (I would use my middle fingers to hold each point, after first putting a little Trauma Life on each) and would also hold the points as long as possible, as often as possible (using gentle pressure).
Blessings, Mike

Trauma Life has been helpful in coma situations. Also anything that gives her oxygen. The essential oils do that.
Susan D.

I just attended a workshop this weekend for some energy work and they suggested you pull their feet, they'll wake up. Sounds pretty simple, but then all powerful stuff is simple. I am thinking you grab their ankles and pull. This is too easy not to try and it may take multiple pulls not too sure on that part.

Dear Rachel
If you cannot get to her brainstem, at least anoint her feet, big toes and maybe her thumbs, too. Yes, I have heard of people not waking up after surgery. It usually means that the person's system is a lot more sensitive to anesthesia than most people. Our daughter's mother-in-law-to-be has had this problem, but she did eventually wake up and is fine now. If it were me, I'd anoint her with Cedarwood, Frankincense and Valor on the head areas you mentioned plus on the feet. Then pray for the electricity to be drawn up from the feet all the way to the brain. If they will let you do it, you could even anoint her, then put your hands on each side of her head and pray until you feel a release or a therapeutic pulse, to balance the two lobes of her brain electrically. If that doesn't help, you can also do the same with one hand on the energy center of her forehead and the other hand on the back of her skull and pray and hold until you get a strong therapeutic pulse. Not sure if this will work for her, but I have had other brain issues resolve with clients with this technique. I am also wondering if part of the not waking up is that her liver has not finished processing the anesthesia, having difficulty doing it, I mean. That would
indicate some sort of nutritional deficiency, meaning her body does not have the
proper minerals or something it needs to thoroughly detox the chemicals. By the way Cedarwood has the highest level of sesquiterpenes and those cross the blood brain barrier and erase mis-programmed information!
Best, Joyce Stotts

I've used Awaken, Into the Future, Helichrysum and prayer and been successful in bring a woman out of a coma.
Jesama Mullen

To increase oxygen to the brain, diffuse in rotation -- one hour on and one hour rest--RC, frankincense, Brain Power. Start with RC because the eucalyptus oils bring the oxygen to the brain more quickly. (I learned this during my recent visit to the YL farm in Utah. Also the training tape on the principles of longevity talks about the eucalyptus oils and oxygen.)

The oils can also be applied to the spine, brain stem, and throat. Anything that would increase oxygen and circulation would be good.

And there is always the incomparable Raindrop Technique..........
........oxygen-enhancing for all issues, and after coma care...........
Can someone post how many times can one use the Raindrop kit?
Thank you in advance,

Hi Mike,

The number of uses in a kit varies, depending on how you're using it.

If you're giving a standard Raindrop, you will be using about 6 drops of each oil. (If it's someone's first Raindrop I never use more than 3 drops of the oregano or thyme because they can heat up, and the peppermint because it can feel prickly. After that I go to 6 if they tolerate it well.)

There are about 85-100 drops of oil in a 5 ml bottle and about 250-300 in a 15 ml bottle. So that means that you can get 14-16 standard Raindrops out of a kit of 5 ml bottles, or 12-14 if you allow for spillage, etc. That means that the oils for the actual Raindrop cost about $5.60-$7.50 per usage. Isn't that absolutely amazing, considering the miracles we've seen using this kit?
(Anyone who thinks our oils are expensive has no concept of just how economical they really are... Especially if you compare the cost of the oils to the cost of medications and/or surgery...)

If you are also doing the VitaFlex technique on the feet, the kit will go about 1/2 as far, as you will double your usage each time.

It's very economical to order the Raindrop oils in the 15 ml bottles, if you plan to use the technique frequently, although it's nice to have a kit sitting nearby, so that the people we're sharing them with can see what it looks like. And, of course, in the kit, you also get a bottle of V-6 and Ortho Ease which will both last a long time, way beyond the oils in the kit.

Enjoy your Raindropping!

Raindrop Technique Kit, code 3137, $89.50 wholesale

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Day with Lady of the Oils

Good morning everyone.
This is a new day for the Lady of the Oils as I have decided that a blog will be much more effective than sending multiple emails and clogging up your Inboxes. I am so passionate about what I have that I just want to send you everything and I know that has turned a lot of you off. Also, this way we can all have an archive of all the information that I post at any time at our finger tips.
My new website is about to be launched and I will attach this blog address to that so that you have every bit of information that I think might be helpful to your health, your wealth and your continued growth in the area of Essential oils. I will be able to upload pictures of my upcoming and past adventures as I know many of you have asked about my trip to Greece. I truly think this is a better way to communicate with all of you and I still provide one on one consultation via phone or face to face when those opportunities present themselves. For today, peace and love to all of you!
Cristina Rose

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

YL Special Bits - true Helichrysum---the smell check

Hello All,

This is an excellent article about how a therapeutic grade essential oil is identified. Includes the account of how Gary Young discovered that a large batch of helichrysum sent to Young Living a few month's ago was not therapeutic grade----and how accurate his "smell check" was. Really inspiring reading.

Warm regards,



How Do You Know Your Helichrysum is Good?

by David Stewart, PhD

Helichrysum is a universal oil with numerous applications. It is also expensive to produce. Useful oils that are expensive to produce create a temptation on the part of oil suppliers to cheat in various ways. They can take a real oil and dilute it with a colorless, oderless substance. They can extract the oil from a similar plant species that is inexpensive to grow and distill, and then manipulate it into what may appear as a more exotic oil by deleting certain compounds or adding synthetic compounds to imitate the fragrance or taste of the expensive oil they wish to imitate. They may also cut costs in the distillation by doing so at high temperatures and high pressures that significantly reduces the distillation time and, thus, saves labor and fuel. They may also extract some oils by petrochemical solvents which leave toxic traces in the finished oil. All of these shortcuts and deceptions result in oils that may fulfill flavor or fragrance standards, even the AFNOR standard, but that lack the full suite of compounds necessary for the oil to have healing properties.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) is also known as Everlasting and Immortelle. It is a member of the Aster/Daisy Family of plants. It has customarily been wild crafted, meaning gathered from the wild instead of cultivated. The oil comes from its flowers. It only grows in certain altitudes and climates.

The main ingredient in Helichrysum oil is neryl acetate (25-50%). Neryl acetate has no detectable fragrance. The fragrance of Helichrysum is mainly from two ketones in the oil: italidione (15-20% and beta-diketone (1-2%), both of which are unique to Helichrysum, not being found in any other oils. Neryl acetate, however, is found in many oils in minor or trace amounts. Neroli, Rose, and Petitgrain contain 1-3% neryl acetate while Bergamot, Lavandin, Melissa and Myrtle contain 0-1%. Helichrysum stands apart from all other oils in the large concentration of neryl acetate it contains, considerably higher than any other oil.

Helichrysum also contains a significant quantity of sesquiterpenes (10-20%), mainly curcumene and caryophylene which may help regulate blood pressure and have other beneficial properties. However, these sesquitepenes have very little fragrance and don't contribute significantly to the aroma of Helichrysum. There is also l-limonene (8-13%), a monoterpene that adds an evergreen or pine-like note to the fragrance of Helichrysum. Another key compound in Helichrysum is eugenol (1-2%), a phenol with anesthetic properties that contributes to the oil's pain-relieving properties and adds a hint of clove to the fragrance. There is also a minor amount of 1,8 cineol (1-2%) that adds a camphor-like fragrance to the oil. In addition to these main ingredients, there are more than a hundred other trace compounds, all of which have to be there for Helichrysum to provide the full spectrum of healing properties for which it is known. Almost none of these other compounds contribute to the fragrance.

Therefore, one could synthesize a pretty good imitation of Helichrysum in a laboratory that would closely mimic its fragrance, but contain none of its therapeutic qualities. Just combine the right proportions of synthetic italidione, beta-diketone, l-limonene, eugenol, and 1,8 cineol and you would have an oil that, to most people, would smell exactly like Helichrysum, but at a fraction of the cost of natural Helichrysum. In fact, you could increase the percent of 1,8 cineol a little or add a little camphor and the oil would have a stronger, sharper fragrance than therapeutic grade Helichrysum that might fool you into thinking that it was a better, stronger, more potent grade than the real thing.

However, a person with a trained nose would not be fooled and would know the difference right away. While neral acetate has no fragrance, its presence in Helichrysum in its natural proportions of 25-50% alters the fragrance of all of the other ingredients. Thus, a fragrance expert can tell if neryl acetate is missing or in too low a concentration by the overall bouquet of the fragrance from all the other constituents. There are few people in the world who can do this.

Some time ago, Young Living received what was to have been a year's supply of Helichrysum. As soon as Gary Young smelled it, he knew that neryl acetate, the main ingredient, was missing. He reported his analysis to Dr. Sue Chow, the head chemist in the Young Living Testing Laboratory who did an analysis. Sure enough, Gary was right. There was no neryl acetate.

So Gary rejected the shipment and returned it to the supplier. He refused to market a false oil to Young Living distributors, even though no one would have known unless they had an expert nose like Gary's or a $100,000 gas chromatograph to analyze it. That shipment was refused even though this meant that Young Living would have to do without Helichrysum for an extended period of time. Such is the integrity of Young Living and its founder.

However, that batch of false Helichrysum was not wasted. When it went back to its supplier, it was sold to another company who markets it as therapeutic grade Helichrysum. Either that company lacks the technical expertise to recognize a manipulated, non-therapeutic grade of oil and has been duped by its wholesaler, or that company knows better but lacks sufficient integrity to refuse to peddle a fraud.

So how do you know your Helichrysum is good? Unless you have the nose for it or the advanced laboratory equipment to analyze it, you can't know. Ultimately, you may be able to find out by trial and error by seeing if you get therapeutic results from the oil or not. But testing the authenticity of an oil by clinical trials is difficult and time-consuming requiring some skill in applying the scientific method. In the end, you can only know the quality of your oil by knowing a supplier who can identify the purity of a therapeutic grade oil and whom you can trust.

In Young Living we have both the know-how and the integrity. When you buy Young Living Helichrysum, you know it is good. Any other brand is anyone's guess.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

YL Essential Bits 318

Hello Everyone,

Once again, I'm sending you a Bits filled with many reasons why Young Living Essential Oils are so essential for us ordinary people, as well as healers. They help all of us to be lay healers.

I especially love a few of the stories where the time period that the oils "performed" was so quick. Reminds me of using JuvaFlex this week on my shoulder that was aching with a deep, painful ache. Within a minute of applying the oil blend, the ache was gone. The next day I found out from a friend who is a healer, that my liver and gall bladder were "over-the-top", and that my symptoms were that of an impending gall bladder attack. (Way too many chocolate bars over the years.) So, that's why the JuvaFlex worked. Gary Young created JuvaFlex for liver and gall bladder issues.

Happiest summer days...... Susan

Amazing story of Frankincense eliminating large tumor

within 1 week!.........................................

...Thank you, Cris Campbell, for sharing your remarkable work with, Millie...

I have to tell you the story about our dog Millie. Millie is a shelty.

At the end of May this year (08) Millie became extremely lethargic and would not eat. She had a hard time walking and wouldn't even wag her tail. A few days later her skin turned yellow and the white of her right eye was bright yellow\green. She was very sick. I tried everything to get her to eat, but it seemed she was going downhill fast. She quit drinking water as well. I took her to my Holistic Veterinarian who kept her for about four days, doing tests and gave her intravenous fluids. Her white blood cell count was crazy high and her bilirubin was dangerously high.

She was diagnosed with liver disease, infection and possible leukemia and sent home. I had to leave for Greece so I left Millie with my daughter who said she still was not eating too well and her energy was still low. When I returned she seemed very happy to see us and I was hugging her all over when I felt a large lump between her right hip and her liver. It was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. I injected about 1/16 of a teaspoon of frankincense into the tumor and in less than 24 hours it was reduced by half, within 72 hours it was down to the size of a nickel and within a matter of days the tumor was gone.

Her energy is back, she eats with as much gusto as before she got sick, her tail wags and she seems like her old self again.

Millie will be 11 years old in November.

It was incredible and we are so happy to have her still. Cristina Rose Campbell

YL Lavender on the Today Show..........................

Hi Oilers!

This morning (Friday, July 11) I was watching the Today Show at about 8:30 and they were doing a segment on pets. The segment featured what to do when your pet is stressed during a thunderstorm. Well, low and behold, the vet on the show mentioned using pure lavender oil as a way to help calm your dog. And then they showed a bottle of Young Living's Lavender (among some other brands as well)! The vet really emphasized the importance of using therapeutic grade oils. Anyway, this made me happy and I just wanted to share :)

Be well!


West Palm Beach, FL

Hi Judy,

May I recommend? I saw the segment this morning also. I personally haven't used lavender on my dogs, but I have had great success with Peace & Calming.

I would think you could use either. Anyway, I put it on my own hands, then rub the tips of their ears, and the tops of their front paws (because then they lay down and smell it, and their nose is in close proximity to their front paws. I also diffuse Peace & Calming when there's a thunderstorm (every afternoon currently in SW Florida), or fireworks (New Year's Eve and several evenings thereafter, July 4th +, and Cinco de Mayo +. Also, I put it on my hands, then wipe my hands over their pet beds.


A "Roll-On" saves the day.......................more Deep Relief.

hi folks

I’m on the road and having a great time the day my husband and I left the second leg of our flight was delayed as we didn't get into the airport until 4 am we were pooped got to the luggage carousel and I pulled my suitcase off and dropped it on my big toe!!!! I pulled out my Deep Relief and smiled the colors are unbelievable got in our rental car and added valor and lavender toe is broken but i can walk and the colors have faded can't bend the toe but it doesn't hurt at all our oils rock it's been 3 days and I know the oils have made the difference this is the same toe a fellow teacher dropped a computer keyboard on-- don't ask it shattered then and I couldn't walk for week this time it's just great hubby took a pic when we get home I’ll upload and send will surface when I get back to massachusetts debbie hurley

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) gone-----with a YLEO...............

I have two testimonials from friends on this issue! They both used Eucalyptus polybractea as a vaginal suppository nightly - one added Melissa. Both came back with clean pap smears after at least a month of this regimen. Hope that helps.


Inspiration essential oil blend---best to stop coughing....................

A few months ago my husband had bronchitis and was coughing a lot. One night, in desperation as he was keeping me awake, I reached into my oils and happened to grab Inspiration. (This truly was an inspiration.) I had him put two or three drops on a Kleenex and told him to inhale and see if it helped. Wow, did it ever!! It calmed his respiratory system down almost immediately. I was actually quite amazed at just how much effect it had. It worked better than Cedarwood, R.C., or Sacred Mountain for coughing. I have since had two other people for whom Inspiration helped in a similar manner. It helps to just keep the Kleenex with the oil on it close by all night long. I would assume that diffusing it would be great as well.

Vicki Winterton

Blood pressure headache gone in minutes with Lavender..........

Hi, Deb.

Earlier this year, my husband (age 31) had some pretty intense headaches. We tried peppermint and PanAway, the usual antidotes, but neither worked. I read somewhere that lavender was good for high blood pressure, so I had him put one drop in his palm and dipped his tongue in the drop. Whatever was left in the palm he rubbed on his temples and neck. Within minutes his headache was gone.



Cholesterol lowered with JuvaCleanse..........................

Hi all,

I wanted to tell you my great news! I had my cholesterol redone last month and just got the results. My overall cholesterol went down by 40 pts in 4 months (LDL went down and HDL went up) Just what I was working for.

The only thing that I did differently was doing a liver cleanse with JuvaCleanse. I started with 5 drops in a capsule per day and worked my way up to 10 drops. I am continuing with the cleanse and will change over to JuvaTone for 4 months when my shipment arrives.

Be Well,

Jann Griffiths, MS, CMT

Polyzyme is a really good product..........................


This product is a sleeper. It is so wonderful and I just found it. Someone wrote to me off line telling me how good this product is. I ordered it and love it. I have IBS and this really settles things down!!! For you all with slight stomach problems give this one a try. I have used Essentialzyme for years and this Polyzyme is wonderful too.


Severe brain issues turned around with Healing Oils of the Bible......

Hi Judith ...

I heard this in Ecuador.

There was a woman present whose grand baby was born with severe brain issues. "They" said there would be no walking, talking, no muscle development, etc.

I think it was around 6 months of age she began applying the Healing Oils of the Bible Kit, one drop each to the bottom of each foot.

None of the "experts" have been able to explain it. She said her grandchild was going to be at the kids oils camp in Utah at convention, running. laughing and playing with all the other children. No one can tell about the previous challenges.

Keep your faith . . . miracles come in many packages.

Blessings, Darlene de la Plata

Stretch mark's eraser!........................

My sister has used Gentle Baby essential oil blend, and KidsScents Tender Tush and AnimalScents Ointment to nearly erase her 3 year old stretch marks.

She just applied all three at the same time twice a day.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

YL Special Bits - the new, very special Deep Relief Roll-On

I wanted you all to see the great results from one of YL's newest products!

I'm beginning to believe that Deep Relief is magic in a bottle!

Yesterday I fell ill to a stomach virus. The only thing I felt like doing - and could do - was lie down and sleep. Yet my joints were so achy from the fever. A roll of Deep Relief on my knees and my sacral area allowed me to get the necessary sleep I needed to recover. It was amazing how quickly it worked and offered comfort. The minty smell helped to assuage the nausea also.

Carla Golden, LMT

Golden Touch Massage Therapy, LLC


Hello Oilers,

I wanted to share with you another way to use the roll-ons. I burned my bottom lip and applied ice to it. The ice cooled it off, but didn't heal the burn. So I took the Deep Relief roll-on and put some on my lips. It was great and refreshing as well! The burn healed, but I now enjoy using Deep Relief on my lips. You can roll it on your finger, then apply to the lip area. I told someone about it last evening at the post convention and she asked if she could put some on her finger and try it that way. She was so pleased with how it made her lips feel, that she went and purchased a couple of roll-ons. Did you see all the great oils in Deep Relief? Besides peppermint, there is Helichrysum, Pala Santo and Copal. I just learned last night at the YL post conference, that copal is an absolutely amazing oil from Brazil It isn't distilled, but tapped directly from the tree (which grows in the jungle area of Brazil). Mark gave the speech on it and he said that Copal has been used in Brazil for about 900 years. It's a wonderful healer an used for everything, including cancer. From what I understand, YL is the only company in America that now uses this oil.

Mark said he is fascinated by the oil and now I am too! So, yes, I would agree that Deep Relief is "magic in a bottle". Good health! Judy


Hi Carla,

Boy, isn't it great? I was at a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law last night and walking into the restaurant my back started spasming again.

It was really working itself up by the time I got my plate from the buffet so I excused myself, went to the restroom and rolled the Deep Relief on my lower back, and that was IT for the pain.

I love all the oils, but this one is in the "must have" category now.

Take care, Mary Lou


This past weekend, I applied Deep Relief Roll-on to the neck of a disabled wheelchair-bound woman. Due to complications from a mosquito bite that affected her nervous system 42 years ago, her neck had been tilted to the left side, very tight and painful. The response was immediate and incredible. At first, she said she felt a burning sensation, which she said was tolerable, and about a minute or two later she was able to lift her head to a prone position which she had not been able to do for 42 years! She then asked me to apply the roll- on to be inside of her spastic, tight hands. Immediately, her hands became more pliable, and she was able to flex her fingers. Her eyes were filled with hope and she literally almost jumped out of her wheelchair. I wish everyone in Young Living could have seen the look of hope on her face and in her eyes. Even her aide, Patrick was astonished and mentioned that he had never seen her lift your head or be able to open her hands for the three years he's worked with her.

I thank God (and Gary Young) for providing us with such wonderful products and for giving people hope, who had none apart from Young Living essential oils!



I have used it on sore necks, menstrual cramps and even a dog's back where it worked where the steriod shots did not!!

What a great testimonial from Lori! Thanks for sharing!

Make the day great!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi All,

I love Young Living's products for children!, so was very happy to receive this post recently from Gary Young's sister Nancy Sanderson where she compiled descriptions and testimonials about the KidScents line. I collected the animals in the tubes, myself, when the products first came out years ago. Really fun, even for the "big" kids!

These are great for gifting also!

Warmest regards, Susan

This is to educate new people coming aboard so they will know what to use for their children.

The Kidscents products have animals inside the tubes for the children to play with after the products is all gone. Kids can collect all the animals that are at the Young Living farm in Mona.

Nancy Sanderson



Gary Young, ND is a great proponent of family and children, and has developed a beautiful line of personal care and supplements for our younger ones. This company is impeccably, green, organic and integrity based. If he cannot acquire the best ingredients, the item is out of stock until they are obtained, or discontinued.

KidScents Bath Gel

A shower gel with a neutral pH, perfect for young skin. pH neutral and noncomedogenic.

Ingredients: deionized water, decylpolyglucose, glycerin, sorbitol, MSM, aloe vera gel, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, chamomile extract, comfrey extract, PG-hydroxyethycellulose cocodimonium chloride, coneflower extract, kiwi nut oil, jojoba oil, citrus seed extract, babassu oil, grape seed extract, dimethicone copolyol meadowfoamate, soap bark extract, soapwort extract, hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil, keratin, linoleic acid, linolenic acid

Essential Oils: Cedarwood and geranium.

Companion Products: KIdScents Shampoo, KidScents Moisturizing Lotion

KidScents Moisturizing Lotion

An extraordinarily gentle lotion with the ideal pH for young skin. pH neutral and noncomedogenic.

Ingredients: Dionized water, MSM, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, glycerin, grape seed extract, sodium hyaluronate, sorbitol, rose hip seed oil, shea butter, mango butter, wheat germ oil, kukui nut oil, lecithin, safflower oil, apricot oil, almond oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), jojoba oil, sesame oil, calendula extract, chamomile extract, orange blossom extract, St. John;s wort extract, algae extract, aloe vera gel, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ginkgo biloba extract

Essential Oils: Cedarwood, rosewood, Western red cedar, and geranium.

Companion Products: KidScents Tender Tush Ointment, KidScents Bath Gel, KidScents Shampoo

KidScents Shampoo

Contains the finest and most nontoxic natural ingredients for gently cleansing young, delicate hair. Perfectly pH-balanced formula.

Ingredients: Deionized water, decylpolyglucose, MSM, aloe vera gel, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, chamomile extract, coneflower extract, kiwi nut oil, jojoba oil, citrus seed extract, babassu oil, grape seed extract, dimethicone copolyol meadowfoamate, hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil, keratin, linoleic acid, linolenic acid

Essential Oils: Tangerine, lemon, and blue tansy.

Companion Products: KidScentd Bath get, KidScents Moisturizing Lotion, Lavender Volume Conditioner

KidScents Tender Tush Ointment

An ointment designed to protect and nourish young skin and promote healing.

pH neutral and noncomedogenic. Great for any skin problem from eczema to psoriasis, to diaper rash. Apply as needed to areas with diaper rash, redness or irritation Men like to use it for aftershave lotion too. Smells great.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, cocoa butter, bees wax, wheat germ oil, olive oil, almond oil

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, rosewood, Roman chamomile, lavender, cistus, blue tansy, and frankincense.

Companion Products: Rose Ointment, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile

KidScents Toothpaste

A revolutionary all-natural, vegetarian formula with edible ingredients.

Ultra-fine calcium carbonate, a natural tooth-health agent, gently scrubs plaque and debris from teeth without damaging enamel. Contains Xylitol which has been proven to reduce tooth decay. Also contains an antiseptic, antimicrobial complex of essential oils which kill the oral bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay.

Here you don't have to worry about them swallowing to much toothpaste, they can swallow all the want without being poisoned, as the warning on over counter toothpaste you buy warn you about for your children.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, natural strawberry flavor, vegetable glycerin, zinc oxide, xanthum gum, trace minerals, xylitol, steviocide

Essential Oils: Peppermint, Thieves, Spearmint, Orange, Lemon

Companion Products: Thieves, Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, and Thieves Soft Lozenges Exodus II

KidScents MightyMist

A special spray multivitamin with wolfberry polysaccharide and therapeutic-grade essential oils. A special easy way to administer and swallow the spray multivitamin.

Kids love this so you have to watch out or they will use it up at one time of use if you let them.

Ingredients: Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) polysaccharide, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, niacin-niacinamide, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, iodine, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, potassium, fructose, sorbitol, Bee pollen, inositol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

Essential Oils: Lime, mandarin, orange

Directions: Spray inside mouth three times between meals.

Companion Products: MightVites, and Mightyzmes

KidScents MightyVites

A special chewable multivitamin formulated for children in the early growth years and for adult maintenance in late years. It is made with Chinese wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) and grain proteins for added immune support, with beta carotene, vitamin C, amino acids, and stevia.

Essential Oils: Lime, mandarin, orange Directions:

Chew three tablets daily with breakfast as a dietary supplement.

Companion Products: Balance Complete, Protein Complete, Mightzyme, Mightymist, and Wolfberry Crisp Bar, Manna Bars.

KidScents MightyZyme Chewable

A delicious high-powered vegetable enzyme complex for children. Includes enzymes to digests proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Also includes folic acid and peppermint oil to enhance digestion. This is a must so they will have a normal digestive system that is not always plugged up all the time.

Plus they are getting the nutrients out of their foods.

Gary talked to us about the enzymes and how important they are to our good health.

Enzyme help to increase resistant to disease, improve hormones, speed up bone, and wound healing, increase mental clarity, help digest toxins, burn fat, attach iron to the red blood cells, enzyme may help dissolve blood clots, and use enzyme for anti-aging. Also enzyme help build the body to prevent on slot of a cold coming on.

Gary stressed to us that it is very very very important to give our precious children enzymes too, so they can have a great immune system to avoid school diseases.

Most people don't know that the human body is designed to only break down or digest approximately 50% of the food we eat. Live enzymes are supplied in raw food, but as soon as we cook or process our food, we kill all the enzymes. This is the most overlooked situation in health today. Until this problem is corrected the body will continue to struggle and suffer. This is a very serious problem that our body faces on a daily basis yet, very few people are paying attention to how they weaken their body's protectors and repairers every single day. So you can see how important it is to start our children on their enzymes today.

Ingredients: Protease enzyme complex, amylase, peptidase, bromelain 600, cellulase, lipase, phytase, calcium carbonate, fructose, apple syrup, alfalfa powder, carrot powder, coconut oil, silicon dioxide, folic acid.

Essential Oil: Peppermint

Directions: Chew one tablet before meals. Use as needed for colic and indigestion between meals.

Companion Products: KidScents MightVites, and KidScents MightyMist

KidScents is a proprietary line of skin care and supplements designed for our young people from Young Living. They may contain therapeutic grade essential oils which have been approved as dietary supplements. EO's from bath shops and natural foods stores are often perfume grade and thus may not yield therapeutic results. Perfume grade oils have been rendered toxic by the distillation method, fillers, chemical extractants, etc. and may cause adverse reactions and may not be taken internally.



My little granddaugher Kimberley had eczema. It was on her legs, arm, back and chest. When she would come and stay and if it was bothering her she would say, "Grammies I have alligator skin again can you fix it?"

I then would take the Tender Tush and apply it all over her body. And I'd give her Allerzyme and it would clear up and be gone for months. .

Her out break is less and less now.

Nancy Sanderson


Hello everyone,

I am responding to the request for testimonials on the KidScents products.

The Tender Tush ointment has worked wonderful for a burning, itchy rash that I had on the back of my neck (from heavy metal detoxing). With in two weeks of daily use, the rash was gone (I tried many other products and nothing else would work before the Tender Tush).

I also have used the Tender Tush for cuts and scrapes on my children and it heals the sores and takes the pain right away!

The Kidscent shampoo is wonderful, it is the first shampoo that I have ever been able to use on my three young children that hasn't caused their eyes to sting when the shampoo gets in them. They also look forward to seeing what toy animal is inside the bottle.

The Mighty Vites are great, I noticed that since taking them, the children's finger nails grow so fast, I am having to cut them every few days. Also, my daughter's hair has begun to finally grow since taking the vitamins. She was three years old, never had her hair cut before and it had only grown to the bottom of her is finally below her shoulders now after 6 months on the Vitamins.

Also, all three children have only been sick a total of two times this winter! A real blessing for us, since it used to be about 12 times per year total before we knew about Young Living Essential Oils!!

We absolutely love these products! Thanks be to God and to Gary Young!

Blessings, Jennifer Goulet

Howell, Michigan


KidScents Lotion Testimonial
Here's some info on the Kidscents Lotion. I have a Cherub Choir and one of my 5 year olds has eczema. His mother has been to the dermatologist several times and he can't help her. I gave her a tube of the Kidscents Lotion. She tried it and he came to choir so excited. He showed me his arm and the eczema has disappeared. He's very excited and so is his mother.

Bernice Kephart

New Jersey


KidScents Testimonial

I just want to say that the Kidscents shampoo, conditioner and bath soap are in EVERY bathroom in our house.

The children love them, AND I have a piece of mind that they are using good quality, all natural (chemical free) products on their precious bodies.

Their hair smells great, it is very soft and tangle free. The animal inside is a cute extra. Mind you, my "children" are not little.... they are teenagers!

Marty Jorgenson

Arlington, Washington

PS Now I've purchased the vitamins and will let you know what my "experts" report about taste as soon as we get them in.


KidScents shampoo

I have just begun using the Kidscents shampoo and I am 55 yrs. old. I love it for myself. My hair is manageable and it shines and couldn't look healthier.

Marlene Bragelman


Tender Tush

Hi all,

I wanted to put in my 2 cents about the Tender Tush ointment. "I love it!!!!!!!!" My son broke his arm and it's so hot and humid here in Arizona from the rains. He broke out in an awful heat rash under the broken arm. From the top of the cast on his arm through the axillary area and down his side.

It was so painful. I ordered the Tender Tush and applied a thin layer. The next day it was completly gone and no longer painful. I also applied it to his scrapes and scratches from his accident on his bike that caused the broken arm and they healed very nicely. I am definetly going to keep some on hand.

Have a great day! :)



Bless, and Have a Great Day,

Nancy Sanderson

Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much.


Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils and supplements. Also each person is different so they may not work as well for you as it does for others so try another oil or supplement that would work better for you.

Essential oil testimonials are an effective way of learning and sharing. With this knowledge, we can take control of our own personal health. However, we are required by law to state:

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. Consult with the health authorities of your choice.

Friday, July 11, 2008

YL Essential Bits 317

Have you tried NingXia Red ice cubes? Yummy to suck on these hot summer days!

YLEO's create an enjoyable family event...........................
....thanks to YL Silver, Cristina Campbell for sharing this.

Thanks for the all the information and the website. It was so hard for me to tear myself away from such inspiring information. After reading the information on your website, I understand now, why my blended family got along so well during their holiday visit.

I first mist my house and garage with Frankincense, Purification and Thieves for half the day. Later that day, I added Joy, Peace and Calming, Valor and Lavender to cotton balls place in the vents throughout the house (3 drops each to about 12 cotton balls). I did not know what I was doing or what I was expecting to happen.

It was hard to believe with 30+ personality in a small confined area for several hours we had the most pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable event of a family gathering in a long time.

Just imagine what I can master once I learn more about the oils.
I am so excited I can hardly wait until Thursday.

Hope to see you then.

Blood pressure issues relieved......................
.....and another one from Cris
HI, Tere.

My husband puts a drop of lavender on his tongue to help his blood pressure. We discovered this when peppermint and PanAway did not take away his regular headache. Come to find out it was a BP tension headache and the lavender took it away almost immediately.

Also, I know of a man in my sister-in-law's downline who drank a bottle of NingXia Red in a week. His doctor freaked out, but took him off all of his BP medication.

susan's note: These two examples of how Young Living Essential Oils work are priceless! NingXia Red has lemon and orange essential oils, so even this on it's own, powerfully nutritious juice, is made even more potent with the oils. for drawing out infection, and other things.......................
Thieves on a band aid will help draw out objects and infection. I would put a drop on the site before I put the band aid on too.
Kathaleen May

I've used Thieves to get splinters out.
The other day we had a cool thing happen--one of our friends came over and he asked me what I had that would help his hand. His finger, all the way down though his hand was swelling, he thought he had gotten something stuck in his finger. I looked at it to see if I could see anything. I could not even see where something went in. I had Melrose sitting there so I rubbed that all over his hand and finger. The next day he called and said that a little piece of metal came out of his finger.
Pretty cool I thought :).
Hope this will help

Hi, Marjorie and PineHillers,
Thieves! A friend had the spine of a sea urchin buried deep in the bottom of his feet. He tried to dig it out, but couldn't reach it. I suggested a few drops of Thieves. The next morning the tip of the spine had come to the surface so he was able to extract it.
Be well,

Prostate cancer gone with YLEO's.............................
Help oilers,
A friend of mine soon starts direct beam radiation to prostate area after having radiation seed implants in the prostate. He isn't keen on "smelly oils", but does anyone have suggestions on how to prevent the burn, or oils that aren't as fragrant to use for this area?
Thanks to all of you and for this great group, Sandy

My husband was about to have radiation treatment on his prostate cancer and we already bought Lavaderm Spray for the burning, but he called off the radiation treatment already 3 times. He went to another urologist and had it checked out. His PSA dropped from 16 to 0.1 and the doctor said that his once stone hard prostate feels soft and normal size after doing enemas with Immupower 15 drops and Frankincense or Myrrh (alternating) 10 drops every night and 2 tablespoons of V6 oil. He has no urination problems anymore and he feels his cancer is gone.
Hope he feels better soon.


Removing adhesives the oils way................................
Greetings Oil Families,

Maybe y'all already know this but it's new to me Ever get frustrated (and get raw skin) trying to get the leftover, dirty-looking band-aid adhesive off you or your children? For our family, the leftover band-aid outline has often far out-lasted the bandage itself.

This morning I removed kinesio tape off my 9-month old's back and tummy that had been in place for 6 days, and it left a horrible dirty outline (similar to what a band-aid would leave). Beneath the tape it also left very dry, flaky, red, angry-looking tracks all where the tape had been.

Since we're trying to straighten his spine, I thought I'd first treat with Valor then move on to lavender and marjoram to help with the irritation and work on his muscles. As I gently applied the Valor up his spine, I noticed it easily removed the adhesive without me even trying (or realizing it would do so). So I did the same with his tummy. By the time I went back to his back to apply lavender and
marjoram just a few minutes later, the dry, flaky redness was almost totally gone; just a little pink remained. And of course, that too completely resolved a short time after applying the lavender.
Before posting this, I did a search of "adhesive" to see if there were other testimonials posted and I found (in 101 uses for Thieves) that Thieves will remove the gummy adhesive from price labels and Frankincense will do the same (but of course that option costs a lot more). So maybe a few or perhaps even all our wonderful oils will remove adhesive, but just thought I'd share my find of the day.
Blessings to all of you,
Mesa, AZ


This is a wonderful story.

I have used citrus oils, like Grapefruit or Citrus Fresh to remove the adhesive from bandages. I put a drop on my skin and then work it under the bandage adhesive and it will peel it right off without pulling any skin.

Since citrus oils are photosensitive, maybe Valor would be a better choice.

Hello Carrie and all,

Lemon oil is my absolute favorite for getting sticky stuff off of things.

If someone gets gum in their hair, lemon oil will melt it away. Saves a lot of stress when a long haired girl gets gum stuck!

Take care, Mary Lou

Out of the mouths of babes.................................
anybody else have any experience with relieving pain after braces are put on?
My 11 year old daughter got braces in May and used Panaway on her cheek which was very effective. When she got her wires put on she was in a lot of pain and the Panaway was not effective.
She got out her pocket version of the EODR and looked up toothache and chose to use clove oil diluted in V6. She took a q-tip and rubbed it on her gums about once per hour and was fine.

I would suggesting letting your child choose what they want to use. Let them read the Essential Oils desk Reference (EODR) themselves so they understand their options.

When you go to the orthodontist, they will send you home with a large bottle of very strong fluoride rinse to use once per week. I advised my daughter not to use this poison. She was worried about the white spots on her teeth. After reading the Higley guide, she realized that the Thieves toothpaste would take care of her teeth fine.

Good luck-Dana Christisen


How about Believe? I used it for a nasty tooth ache. It worked better for me than Panaway.Panways was a little hot on my face too-even with dilution.


Safe, effective wart removal.............................
I had a wart on my forehead that had been there for about a year. I used Oregano on it faithfully twice a day for 2 weeks and it was gone, or so I thought. Consequently, there was a little piece left, so I started using it again for one more week 1 times a day and it hasn't has been over a year now. It saved me a trip to my skin cancer doctor.
Rhonda Himes

Repel insects!.........................................

We live in Florida and have mosquitoes too. I use Purification on my kids and my Weimeraner.
My dog loves oils though..she doesn't care which one you put on her. The Purification works well to repel for us.

Hi Caitlin,
I mix up a quart spray bottle of water with 10-12 drops of Purification in it.
The bugs and fleas stay away from my pooch, even though she likes to be out in the hordes of horse flies and mosquitoes.
Happy oiling,
Cheryl Soucier

susan's note: Over many years, I have heard numerous accounts (and also works for me!) of the effectiveness of Purification for "repelling" all sorts of insects. I put many drops in a small glass spray bottle with distilled water---then, spray, spray, spray! Even spray myself before going to bed sometimes.

Get rid of the fungus!..........................................
Hi Catriona,
We've had success with using lemon oil for fungus as well as Claraderm.

The incomparable Melrose essential oil blend......................
My my experience with my son's severe eczema. I used v6 oil mixed with Melrose and applied directly. I also would apply Melrose neat sometimes. I then followed with an oatmeal body lotion. I would have used YL's body lotions but at the time did not have any. Melrose blend so far is the only oil that worked well on my son's arm.
Honestly, that stuff Rocked like nothing I ever seen before! Gone within a few days completely. So now when his eczema flairs up, I use Melrose and alternate with Lavender occasionally. This is only my topical treatment I use, I would like to learn more about an internal treatment though that prevents. I am sure if you look more into YL's products, there may be more you can try that may work too.
Hope this helps.

.........2 year old's eczema and skin virus "eats it" with
YL's AnimalScents Ointment..............

Hi Everyone,

My daughter had a mild case of eczema when she was two. I actually brought her to the doctor because at the same time she had broken out with what I thought was a rash. It turned out she had molluscum, a disgusting horrible skin virus.... and the eczema, I was told usually comes with it. After trying the dermatologists
recommendations for treating both and getting frustrated because nothing was working and everything was spreading quickly... I decided it was time for "mommy to play doctor" ( i was new to the oils, but intuition said... Thieves and AnimalScents Ointment) so everyday for two weeks I applied diluted Thieves on the affected
area and AnimalScents over top... and in two weeks time both molluscum and eczema were completely gone. I was so thankful for the YL products, because I had been seeing the dermatologist for my daughter for 6 months before I used any oils and the
dermatologist told me that her skin virus could potentially last 3 yrs!!!... (and it was contagious).

I believe the AnimalScents was the key to her eczema and Thieves for killing the virus.

I hope this helps!
Jenn Ryan
Danbury, CT

Thursday, July 10, 2008

YL Essential Bits 319

Hello All,
At least once a week I am awakened to a new way to use a YL product. This time it was the Thieves Lozenges.
I eat mostly raw, but yesterday I had a very small amount of a Puerto Rican bean dish (delish!) with yummy hot sauce. A few hours later I was feeling a disturbance in the gall bladder area (middle of chest just down from the heart area)----and knew I couldn't sleep. I saw the box of Lozenges on the counter and immediately knew that would be good. Within minutes all the disturbance was over, and I went quickly to sleep.
I have tried Thieves oil in similar situations, but the Lozenge really worked quickly, and effectively. (And if you're like me with a big sweet tooth, one or two of these also satisfies the cravings.

Warmest regards,

YL's new, Endogize..........................
Hi Margarete,
I have been really enjoying the new supplement, Endogize.
I noticed immediately that it is making me feel calmer inside and also helping me sleep very deeply. I am also loving the Valor and Deep Relief roll-ons, mostly for their ease of application when you're on the go.

Hi Fellow oilers,

The other day, going over a number of testimonials, I found one that related a funny experience with RutaVatla oil. The mom who posted it got a good laugh out of it and so did I as I could totally relate to it.

I know, every so often members posted some cute or hilarious moments. I'd love to read more and earlier posts repeated.

If you have some to share, please give all of us a good laugh or a little chuckle.


PS: here is one of mine:
When my grandson was about 4 years old, living with us, I sometimes called him my joy boy. He knew I shared the oils enthusiastically with everybody, anytime, everyplace. One day, we had to stop at the sheriff's station and the atmosphere was not only heavy with grouchy moods but also with human odors. The clerk couldn't muster a smile and the officer we were to see was about ready to "kill". While I gave my report, my grandson opened my purse and looked for the "pink" bottle, opened it and started to sprinkle Joy all over the place. Then he walked over to the clerk and told her that she needed some Joy to be friendly again. Obviously the power of Joy already had reached her, because she smiled at him with a big smile and told him how nice a boy he was.
Meanwhile, the officer took a deep breath and visibly relaxed and as the Joy circulated through the offices, there was a noticeable easing of tension.
When we walked back to the car, my grandson said: Grandma, was I your Joy Boy in there? He sure was. I feel fuzzy and smile every time I think of that day.

I just wanted to reply as your story brought a smile and a tear to my eye. Sometimes the power of the oils and children amazes me. My son shared his "collection" of empty oil bottles with his preschool class for show and tell. They understand the power and simplicity of the oils and I am so glad you shared your story. Every child should be blessed with the knowledge and power that comes with their health and wellness.

Animal Scents Ointment for a great massage.............................
Dear Deers,
I have Animal Scents Ointment on AutoShip Rewards since I use it in massage.
I think that massage therapists might enjoy discovering how great a glide it gives to massages, along with soft, supple, emollientized skin for the recipient.
Order that stuff! Your clients will love you for it.

New Ultrasonic Diffuser...................................

To All,
I bought 2 diffusers and am using them daily in my home. I took one to my lake house which was closed up all winter. My daughter tried to sleep in the finished basement with her friends. She couldn't breath or sleep. I turned on the diffuser with several oils it. A remedy that I got out of my Desk Reference for asthma and she slept like a baby.
I absolutely love it. It takes out dog smells in the house too. I love the citrus oil in it.

"Healthiest placenta ever" with Young Living........................
Hi, Shayla.

YL's Core Essentials has everything. Another suggestion is to up your intake of Omega Blue, especially in the early months because the baby's brain is developing at that time. My sister-in-law just had her fourth child -- her first all-oil baby. Her regime was Core Essentials, extra Omega Blue and two to four ounces of NR daily. She used YL supplements and oils throughout her pregnancy, and she and her husband anointed the baby within minutes after he was born. The midwife said she had the healthiest placenta she'd ever seen.

Her story (along wtih others and a midwife testimony) is in the book, "Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care" by YL platinum and my upline Debra Raybern. Contact me if you want to know how to get it.

I used the book to help me help a lady who was two weeks overdue.
Two hours after praying and anointing her with oil, she called and had gone into labor. I was out of town, but we were able to piece together a starter kit for her to use during labor. The following week she and her midwife signed up and she is now holding meetings in her area of Arkansas.


Incredible results with multiple myloma.................................
Hi Everyone:
Recently a friend told me that he has multiple myloma, a blood cancer that is supposed to be incurable. I say supposed to be because there may be a way that one of you knows about. I hope you can make suggestions that can help him.
best regards,

My friend was diagnosed with multiple myloma (cancer of the bone marrow) five years ago. The medicine they are giving her to keep the cancer contained is causing severe nerve damage to her legs. She started using Juva Flex with Relieve It and Pan Away and is getting unbelievable results. So much so that her oncologist has contacted me and I've given him information on the oils along with the Missing Link tape. I believe he is going to sign on as a distributor of Young Living.

Also my friend just found out she has another tumor along her lower back and needs radiation to shrink it. About three days ago, she started using clove, lavender, Juva Flex, Pan Away and Relieve It on the tumor and the pain is lessening and she hasn't had her first radiation treatment yet.
Kathy Schaefer

How to use Thieves for teeth extractions.....................
Looking for info on what oils to use and how to use them for tooth extractions, Any info will be greatly appreciated. Laurie LAURIE your tooth extraction

Before you go to have it extracted used THIEVES directly on and around it for a couple of days (2 to 3 x a day)

Take a bottle of THIEVES with you in your purse (or wherever)

After leaving the office (i did my hole from the tooth in the washroom before I left)

Dentist did not know (what's the sense of telling him he's not into natural healing). He was so worried about my bleeding on the way home -- i was driving/ i was alone. He gave me 2 or 4 packs of gauge to hold in my mouth so the blood didn't come running out. On way home I removed the first one. It was bloody but not running profusely. and of course I put my friend THIEVES ON IT. By the time I got home I did not need the gauge and no bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord Praise the OILS Praise Young Living

Spread the word.

Betty Thompson (Oakville ON)

Guess I have to use all 3! (I've been using Ultra and Plus each time I brush)........
I'm trying all 3 toothpastes. I started out with the Ultra and loved it. When that tube was gone, I started on the original formula toothpaste and THAT was when my teeth REALLY whitened (go figure!).
The tube is almost gone and I'll be working on the PLUS formula next.
-Jess Tatz

YLEO's used for massage make "huge difference in my back"...........
Hi Carla,
I just went to have a massage last Thursday and the therapist has no problem applying my oils on me. He started on my back with Valor and Joy. Within 5 minutes of the massage my back loosened up and he was able to work all the knots out of my back. When he did my feet he applied Valor and Peace and Calming...OH MY GOSH...I was totally relaxed and it helped to relieve all the tension that I carry in my neck.
I try to vary the oils every time I go. But next time I will again use the Valor. Huge difference in my back since then.
Hope this helps...

Thieves Household Cleaner rids dishwasher of mold..........
Hi All -
I've a friend who had very good results using a capful of Thieves Cleaner in her dishwasher to remove tenacious mold in the corners and all. They use it regularly along with regular soap.
susan's note: You can also use just the Thieves Cleaner.

The amazing Raindrop Technique............................
Hello Vallea,
I attended the post YL convention last week and heard a testimony from a young man in the audience that said he had been in a coma and "woke" up from the coma right after he was given Raindrop Technique.

YL help after hysterectomy.............................
>Hi Jaynie,
>I've had a total hysterectomy and am looking for 'something' that >will help with hormones and possible slow the bone density loss.
>Melodee Thayer
Hi Melodee,
I had a partial hysterectomy and still have my ovaries. I have began menopause at 48. Now I use Endogize and Prenolene since September. I have no hot flashes, very minimal mood swings and sleep like a baby.

A first cleanse (and for anyone who wants to cleanse over time)......
(last post is thorough instructions by Dr. Leann Deardueff) > how do you get started on the cleanse and what do you drink to get > started? Can a diebetic do the cleanses also?
> Cathy
Hi Cathy,

I would start with YL's Cleansing Trio. You are able to eat normal food during the cleanse time, so I don't see why a diabetic couldn't do this cleanse.

If you have never cleansed before, I would start with a lower amount of product and then increase.

I would also highly recommend that you purchase the YL EODR or Higgley book as they describe the products and different ways to use them.

This also depends on how many bowel movements you currently have.
I would not do the liver cleanse at all until I finished at least one round of the Cleansing Trio and I had 2-3 bowel movements / day.

I mention this because my dear mother thinks that 2-3 bowel movements / week is normal (her doctor didn't think there was anything wrong with that!).

To get to this point, you use the ICP powder in water and drink, once in the morning. I would start with a teaspoon and increase each day until 2 heaping teaspoons are in your drink, then increase to one in the morning and one at night.

I would start ComfortTone, 1 capsule at night and work up to the label's recommendation of 5. I've seen where Gary recommends this in the morning, but I've used this at night. Be very aware of your body on this. If you take too much, you will need to be close to a bathroom. I personally think 5 is too high; however my sister was still not moving and taking 5/day.

Essentialzymes - take 3 with each meal. This will help digest the food you are adding to your system and helps keep the bowels moving.

I personally also add colonics. If you have never heard of these, I suggest looking them up online and then finding a practitioner in your area. They are not my favorite thing to do, but I think they help aid any cleanse many times over. I am lucky to find a colonics group that even uses YL oils (Release, Di-Gize, Purification).

This is a good start. When this is done, possibly 1-3 months or more depending on your situation, then I would look into a liver cleanse.


Hello Jenni,
You probably realize that you need to do the colon cleanse before you do a liver cleanse. You need the colon clean and ready to handle whatever the liver sends to pass out though the colon. Below is a posts from Dr. Leann.
Edith Chupp

The colon cleanse that I recommend is from Young Living. It also has enzymes to help you digest your food until the body can do it on its own.
The reason that I recommend Young Living colon cleanse is that it tastes good and doesn't make you sick while you take it. How you use it is to regulate it according to your body's needs. Everybody is different on how much of the colon cleanse they can take. You really have to experiment with it.

There are a few different ideas on how to colon cleanse. Some are more gentle then others. For example, one proponent suggests that you take eight to ten capsules of the cleanser the first day to "blast it out" if you will.
From there you decrease the amount that you are taking by a pill a day. I personally think that would be for someone who is having great difficulty with constipation and can afford to be at home near the toilet all day for several days. It does clean the colon faster then the more gentle method but it is possible that the person could become quite sick to their stomach and also have a severe headache from this method. I recommend that if the more gentle method described below does not work for you, then try above method to see what it can accomplish.

The way I usually suggest to my patients to colon cleanse is to start with one ComforTone capsule in the morning. The next day take a capsule in the morning and another at night. Increase by one capsule a day alternating day and night until you are getting two or three bowels movements a day. After you have achieved this add 1teaspoon of ICP in the mornings. It is best if added to juice and taken before it gets thick. You will need to be drinking about 12 cups of water a day. Add ½ teaspoon of ICP a day until you are achieving large bulky stools but are not constipated. Dr. Young suggests that you continue on adding ICP until you get to 1 tablespoon a day in the morning and 1 tablespoon a day at night. Continue on with the ICP, ComforTone and Detoxzyme until you have totally cleansed your colon and it is functioning in a healthy manner as described above. Taking 2 Detoxzyme or Essentialzyme between meals also helps break up the plaque in the colon and absorb toxins.

This is a step-by-step process of the methods described above:

Colon cleanse - ComforTone start with 1 build to 10 daily. Take 2 Detoxzyme between every meal. When having 3 good bowel movements daily start on ½ teaspoon of ICP in the mornings. Stay on ComforTone and Detoxzyme.

Continue colon cleansing until the lining coating the bowel drops as described.

The cleanse takes care of the problem for good if you change your diet and eat less white flour products and eat more fruits and vegetables and whole wheat and whole grain products. Milk and white flour create a paste in the colon that coats the colon and makes it unable to function properly. It is the leading cause of colon cancer. Some people choose to continue to eat white flour products and cleanse every 6 months instead. I personally feel that whole grains have more nutrients and are healthier for the body.
Dr. Leann Deardueff